About us

Meditating practitioners in a cave

About us

What to say about us !! We are a group of spiritual truth seekers that practice meditation using a silent and closed eyes method – the same method practised by many past gurus for centuries. We’re all volunteers, helping to keep this site going and have been praying/contemplating on the almighty for almost 20 years. The method is well-known, but will not be mentioned since we wish to remain impartial. This site is not about us or our way; you will not find any reference to it. It’s about what is common to all paths, the spirit within. All paths eventually lead to what each person wants.

Spirituality class

Just like in our world we have so many different types and levels of schools for different levels/abilities of students, from pre-pre-school to post-post-graduate; and so using infinite wisdom our Lord has also made an abundant amount of spiritual paths for us – the children of God to follow. You may call these spiritual schools religions, eastern, western, yoga, new age, etc, etc., but these titles do an injustice to what they truly are – perfect for the student at that stage of their development. There is no such thing as one method being better than another, only what is perfect at a place and time in one’s journey. Where ever God has placed us is where we should be, for that moment.

Sure, there are more proficient professors (like Einstein) or universities (like MIT) who are better than most, can take us further, quicker, safer and with a better reputation at the end. But these are only perfect for a select few, for the rest of us it would be too much too soon. These few are no better than a pre-schooler – they are simply a little older and more mature and so we could say ready for that level – perhaps it’s the final stage of their evolution.

Another example is like this, lets say a mother has many children. The eldest must do the most work and have the most responsibility. The youngest seems to do the least work yet gets the most love and attention from mom. But does the mother love the children differently or is one child better than another? Of course not. We are the children of the almighty, as siblings the older must help the younger! So, about us? We are not the oldest of our siblings on this planet, but for our younger kin; we may be able to help.


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