Website update notification (April 2013)

Website update notification


Hosting provider changed

As part of our website update notification we wish to advise that we’ve moved hosting providers; from host to Bluehost. host caused us major issues due to resource usage. They claim unlimited everything, but in fact server resources such as memory and CPU were restricted. As our site became more and more popular it placed (according to them) too much load on their servers so they would randomly ‘kick-off’ those viewing the site. We tried to reduce resource usage as much as possible and used more caching; that helped a little but they still wanted us to upgrade to a virtual private server (in other words, we want more money from you).

Web designer changed

In addition to changing hosting, we have also changed our website design company; well same people but new company. If you need any work done or want hosting services please visit them. They also do search engine optimization stuff; that’s the next phase of this website, its growing slowly so we need to improve hit rates. Now that we have a new hosting provider and design team we can make faster progress in this regard.

Updated content

We’ve added a few posts (see recent posts) and also revised some of our pages. This is an ongoing effort. We still have about 100 odd pages to add, but alas no time to do it. World duties have taken precedence for a while until things stabilize.



We pray you have enjoyed our site, please do not forget to support us using social media or our sponsors. God bless you all and thank you for visiting our site and reading this website update notification.

Also, if you have any constructive criticism or suggestions on how we can improve please let us know. We will try to act on higher priority items immediately. Oh..and don’t forget to share our site by telling anyone who leans towards the spiritual side of life.

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