Relationship with God

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To create confidence in by having prayers answered or seeing little personal miracles, to rely on, listen to, trust, love and be in gratitude is forming a relationship with God.


If you have not already read the book Friendship with God then we would thoroughly recommend doing so. It covers in detail the steps needed to have a special relationship or friendship with God; each and every one of us. For many people these books have been life-changers, not because they define a new religion or philosophy but because they are like an instruction manual for life; they help us to deepen our own beliefs.

To develop a strong bond with a friend takes time, they must prove themselves in many small ways, they must be there for us when needed. God is no different, God must be tested, must be experienced in your life; helping you always and in all ways. What’s the point of a one-way good for nothing relationship? Well, not having results may build faith, but that faith will be paper-thin

Here are some excerpts from the book

  • Q) What would it take to have a real friendship with God?   God Answers)

    • A change of mind and a change of heart. That is what it would take. A change of mind and a change of heart. And courage.  

    • The courage to reject every notion, every idea, every teaching of a God who would reject you.   This will take enormous bravery, because the world has contrived to fill your head with those notions, ideas, and teachings.

    • You will have to adopt a new thought about all of this, a thought that runs counter to virtually everything you’ve ever been told or heard about Me.  That’ll be tough. For some, that’ll be very tough.

    • But it will be necessary, because you can’t have a friendship; not a real, not a close, not a working, give-and-take friendship – with someone you fear.

  • The seven steps to Friendship with God

    1. Know God
    2. Trust God
    3. Love God
    4. Embrace God
    5. Use God
    6. Help God
    7. Thank God
  • God says) You have to have a real willingness. You have to be willing to see Me where you find Me, not only where you expect to find Me. You have to come to know Me again
  • God says) Come to Me, I said, along the path of your heart, not through a journey of your mind. You will never find Me in your mind.  In other words, you can’t really know Me if you think about Me too much. That’s because your thoughts contain nothing more than your previous ideas about God. Yet the reality of Me will not be found in your previous ideas, but in your present moment experience.

“Seems a bit strange to leave the most important relationship as the last topic; but in fact, every topic has been about God….the Lord is the alpha and omega…the first and last. Nothing else matters since everything is Godly. The relationship we have with the divine, is however very personal we want it to be, because each of us has a different vision or concept about what God is – so, God will appear to each in the form we will like and can accept.

The almighty does have a sense of humor though, at times Muslims may see Jesus and Christians see Mohammad!  Both are not God Almighty, but both housed the same God power at the time they lived. The form we perceive is not important, it’s the power behind the form we must behold in all its glory.

To enhance our relationship with God (or whomever we believe to be the highest), all we need to do is practice a method. Devote to it, love it, make it the center-piece of our life…and want God, remember God, use God and love yourself.  In no time, you will feel a friend (like no other) come into your life for eternity.