What is Free-Will

Free-will, what is it?

What is free-will

Do we really have free-will. Yes, God gives us the freedom to do as we please , to choose whatever we wish; but all choices have consequences which we must accept. Some are good consequences and some are bad, all are karmic bonds. If we make the wrong choices then we create karma for ourselves, after many, many lifetimes of making wrong choices then the karma becomes so overwhelming that we have little free-will left. Most religious doctrines say something like as you sow so shall ye reap or what you do onto others will be done unto you. This statement is very clear and accurate. It does not necessarily signify this lifetime, it could be over many life-times. That’s what is free-will

What is free-will? Imagine a computer game on a DVD, as you play you may feel as if you have complete and total free will to do this or that; anything you wish. To win or fail, to go left or right, how hard you hit or the direction you strike. And it’s true, you do have the free-will to do all that and more. But think about it, is it really free-will or are you merely following what the program allows you to do? Ummm…a bit of both you may say. Alas, our creator made us for a reason (see the meaning of life) and as such is impossible for God not to succeed. So there are no outcomes which are not known, no outcomes which have not been factored into the program. Or as its stated in Judaism, “There is no blade of grass that does not have a constellation (Mazal) over it, telling it to grow.” or Mahatma Gandhi said it more bluntly, “Not a blade of grass moves without the sanction of God”

Free-will is an illusion

When God Almighty (residing in the absolute realm beyond time & space, where nothing material, emotional or anything descriptive exists) created the grand illusion (the relative realm) for the purpose of existing itself, the experience happened immediately. That is, in a split second except no time was available to measure it. Basically it means the illusion, or our reality, came and went at an instant. You are here in the now, reading this text and thinking what a load of hogwash. You have the free-will to continue to read or quit the page and move on. But in fact any choice you make was pre-ordained.

It also explains who some psychics can read the future and why some of the prophecies written in religious books have come true. No-one could ever predict the future unless the future was happening at the same time as the past, that is, in an instant. As part of the grand illusion. In science-fiction books or movies they talk about parallel universes occupying the same space, so some people have actually seen events occur in their rooms which were either in the past, or will be in the future. This can only happen if everything is in fact happening at the same time!

To really understand what is free-will completely please read our section on karma and if you wish, the meaning of life. It is a very complex subject, but when you understand God and creation, what is free-will becomes simple and common-sense.