Mind Body and Spirit

Mind Body Spirit method, brings balance

A picture speaks a thousand words, like this symbolic petal lotus, opening its heart and showing a center of wisdom like the third eye.

Mind Body and Spirit – the way to balance in life

As the photo shows, each petal is pulling one way, but when all the petals are combined then the whole is in perfect balance. Life is like that, we may dilute our energy on many activities, we may be pulled by financial, family, career or countless responsibilities but in the end of the day; we must strive for some clarity, stability and ensure we are in perfect synchronicity with our lives and ourselves. That is, we are happy with what we do, who we are and what we are being. To achieve that harmony, we must include the spirit, food for the soul and body, and emotional well-being into our physical lives. A holistic approach to wellness is required.

Mind Body and Spirit is a philosophy which grew after the industrial revolution. Basically people get stressed and so lost in the world that they are overwhelmed and forget what is important in life. Too busy fighting urgent issues to really settle down and do what is right for themselves and ultimately, for their families and community.

Stresses comes from society, from parents, from needing to survive and making ends meet, from competing and needing to have a high income, from pressure, from debt, from sickness, from the education system, from conforming to rigid rules and regulations, from the polluted environment and from not knowing who they really are.

In short, being lost and denying their true spiritual nature.

Mind body and Spirit conventions or festivals are now prevalent, mostly as marketing stalls selling natural therapies and the like. But they also give people the opportunity to see what form of help is out there in the world. These shows have brought a level of spirituality to the mainstream and have increased awareness of many schools of practice. Mostly, they have benefited humanity.

The movement doesn’t really provide a set method to get one’s life back into balance, but all that is needed is replace what is missing in our lives. For most people, starting a method of spiritual practice is enough. Perhaps meditation, some form of creativity, yoga, exercise…whatever puts them back on their journey and gives meaning to life…and slowly returns them to the present moment. If we are lost in the past or future, then life is too troubling due to constant thought.

The good news is there are quick emotional pressure cooker type release methods taught, such as deep breaths, crying etc. But they are not a fix, just band-aid. The fix must get to the core of the problem after some of the immediate symptoms have been cured.

What is the permanent cure; fix the area of our life out-of-balance using a method we have affinity with, then get back in touch with our true essence. After we find ourselves, happiness will follow and life will start to make sense again.