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Namaste dear friend. All About God is the informational part of our website. It explains (from a practical point of view) the major methods of Spiritualism including :- Meditation, Religion, Yoga, New Age, Mind Body Spirit, Healing, Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fasting, why-what-how-when questions, Nature and much more. It’s all about God.

 Pie Chart Showing breakdown of world religions and spiritualityA sad note is the vast majority of people on Earth people believe in a cruel or violent God that needs some form of blood to shed to show fidelity; either animal or human killed in God’s sacred name. Or some form of sacrifice to a needy God that will condemn sinners to an eternity in hell if they do not comply to rules imposed by a high priest of the religious order.

Religion generally enforce their way of life by threatening members with some form of penance after death. They also provide little comfort while alive, promising all will be revealed after death. So what’s wrong about religion, see here.

The worlds 4 big religions cover 75% of the population, what that means in practical terms is only a small number of people have living masters to guide them. Most rely of what past masters have said or done; second-hand teachings like getting help from a dead doctor.


The real God however, is very far from the description main-stream religion tells us.

  • God needs nothing from us, it’s us that need God.
  • God does not judge, it’s us that judge ourselves.
  • God loves all of us equally & unconditionally regardless of what we do or how holy our lives are, it’s we that cannot love ourselves for what we are.
  • God only loves, it’s us that create hate and anger then manifest them violently
  • God made the world perfect for us to perfect, it’s us that have made a mess of it
  • God gave us all the tools needed to know ourselves, all the power to recreate ourselves anew, all the love Heaven has and all the support from angels and beings to make life blissful, it’s us that have forgotten and so need help to find it all again
  • God divided us so we could practice being God to reunite and glorify ourselves in the process, its us that must realize that and re-unite by being united.

But it is our fault?


We never had a life manual, only free will. Spirituality is not about finding fault, it’s about finding ourselves; the solution; it’s all about God.

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