Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy, spiritual guru

The eyes & smile says it all.


Sri Chinmoy

As a spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy advocated meditation, chanting mantras and prayers, performing dedicated service to God as a way to personal enlightenment, or God-realization.


Sri Chinmoy

Birth, Age, Death:

August 27, 1931 – October 11, 2007


Bangladesh (previously East Bengal, India)

Method/Religion started:

Sri Chinmoy Center Church Inc.

Holy book/teachings:



Circa 7000

Lifestyle requirements:

Simple life, vegetarian diet

Form of practice:

Meditation, chanting mantras and prayers

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Sri Chinmoy was a prolific creative artist, writing some 1,500 books, 115,000 poems and 20,000 songs. He also created 200,000 paintings and gave almost 800 free peace concerts in notable venues around the world. His spiritual teachings were free and was considered a great advocate of peace; frequently providing guided meditation in the UN (NY).

Despite his huge popularity and countless spiritual offerings, his movement is still considered very small. Perhaps the lack of differentiation from other groups or spiritual teachers made it difficult for new seekers to decide which method was best for them. His philosophy was more like a way of life towards enlightenment, he was a guiding light on the path to greatness.

His method is a silent meditation on the heart and avoid using the mind, taking the middle road to divine purity and love through surrendering. He asked his disciples to adopt a vegetarian diet, abstain from recreational drugs including alcohol, and lead a pure and celibate lifestyle (except for married couples).

Many of his followers developed great mind control where they achieved super human feats, excelling in sports and physical activities.

Sri Chinmoy was the youngest of seven children, born as Chinmoy Kumar Ghose in the small village of Shakpura in East Bengal. At 11-years-old, his father died then shortly after, his mother also left the world leaving him and all his siblings to enter the Sri Aurobindo Ashram where he started his spiritual path. At 13, he attained a state of self-realisation and would meditate many hours in a state of Samadhi.

Some of the techniques used are:

  • Breathing techniques – how conscious breathing can transform thought and emotion
  • Mantra – how repeating a single spiritual word or phrase calms the mind
  • Heart meditation – how to concentrate on the heart center (chakra) for fastest progress
  • Visualization techniques – how guided group meditations expand individual practice
  • Illumining life habits – how to break the cycle of negative thinking