What is Wicca | Empowering Women

Examples of empowered-women, wicca women

Margaret Thatcher, Opray Winfrey and Janis Joplin are examples of empowered women benefiting humanity in different ways through their Goddess nature.

What is Wicca, and empowering Women

What is wicca (also known as wikka), it is our goddess spirituality empowering femininity within all humans. The goddess in us is the female spirit, our femininity; be it male or female (but not woman, not man). Have you ever noticed some males are more feminine than women, and some females more masculine than men?

That is the Goddess quality that new age spirituality seeks to empower, awaken and utilize for the betterment of humankind. More commonly it refers to empowering women, buy hey, guys are also included.

Universal Mother

Purity Creativity
Love Gentleness Forgiveness
Tolerance Passionate Wicca

As women tend to have a higher feminine percentage than men, this page shall focus more on women. Also, generally speaking when we talk about what is Wicca or Goddess nature, most people think of women.

The highest form of leadership is the matriarchal system where women make the decisions. Long ago, women ruled the planet and men were used for strength-required duties (even today there are enclaves of societies with matriarchal patterns in Asia, Africa, America and Oceania). But due to women’s softness, the male ego and aggressive tendency, we slowly changed to a patriarchal system. Even to the point where women are kept as slaves in some cultures.

New Age Spirituality seeks to return power back to the Goddess by empowering women and thus to return our world into a more loving, compassionate and peaceful home for all to live in. The Goddess nature is similar to Wicca/wikka (which is a modern witchcraft/pagan-type method promoting peaceful, harmonious and a balanced way of life, made famous in the movie “Practical magic”). The Goddess nature does not dwell on the occult or any magical-powers derived from practice, only pure spiritual divine love.

Magical powers are child’s play in the spiritual kingdom; they are nothing because they only work in the illusionary realm. Real power is an inner-strength, a mountain strong determination to be who we are with no fear. Physical strength shown by men as violent anger is not real strength, it’s actually weakness masked.  Real strength is to love all that is, as it is; especially ourselves the way we were made with warts and all. Some sites will talk about Kundalini, Spiritual Healing or certain types of yoga when referring to Goddess nature. They are very limited parts of the real nature, more like side effects.

When the full nature is awakened, we have nothing to prove, nothing to show except our connection to the whole. We are nothing since we’ve let go of the small self that we think can do this or that. We are everything because we are connected to the whole self (our soul and beyond), the alpha and omega, the everything.

Spirituality is about reclaiming the whole universe, not about developing one or two skills in the dark arts.

The Goddess feminine quality refers to the following desirable characteristics to nurture change and empower women:

  • Universal Mother – (Mother Nature, divine mother, etc). Mother Theresa is an example of a divine mother, she was a living saint with the power of love that we mere mortals can only dream of. Her gift to the world was Gods infinite love distributed through her caring hands. She personified the Goddess nature – a nurturing mother loving unconditionally and selflessly sacrificing for others.
  • Purity – this does not refer to being a virgin, but everything to do with positive thoughts. A Goddess would not jump to conclusions, judge or think the most negative or of the worst outcome. The more pure the more saintly we are, and the more we can influence others through strong leadership. We would be congruent in thought, speech and action. True leaders are rare in this world, preferring to focus on re-election than nobility. An empowered Goddess however, would focus on what is best for others.
  • Creativity – when our spirituality matures so does our creativity. The female side uses the same side of the brain as creativity, so it’s only natural new talents would come as our Goddess qualities develop.
  • Love – the essence of all things. If God is not love, what is? When we are self realized leaning towards God realization, our love for all grows with our consciousness. At that time Ahimsa becomes part of our nature, we’ll probably become vegetarians and human/animal/environment rights activists of some sort. An example of this quality is Bridget Bardot; first she started as a screen siren then later evolved into a compassionate human using her star status to save sentient beings. Each person has a different mission, ours will unfold when we are ready but rest assured love will be at the core.
  • Gentleness – a mother’s hand soothes the effects of father’s actions. We have a saying, being every great man there is an even greater woman. The Goddess feminine quality is to focus on the positive by alleviating anger or frustration until a situation turns for the better, just like a mother would settle her children’s argument. This softly, softly approach comes from patience, love and of course a gentle heart. If leaders had this sort of character instead of being lost in the anger, our world would not have entered war as often.
  • Forgiveness – to forgive is to forget. Due to the need to accept whatever a child does, a female is born with the ability to ignore what happens and help anyway. This maternal instinct to accept what occurs, over and over again, is based on love and forgiveness. A Goddess must have this quality, to accept people who may be immature, ignore their ignorance and give them unlimited chances.
  • Tolerance – the art of observing, watching then ignoring. When dealing with people or situations, we need patience to deal with all the issues in life. Often, people don’t think like us, they may be polar opposites but we still need to listen and respect their views. Having the patience to listen and continue, and the tolerance to accept things not in line with our own concepts defines a sage, a wise person who can stand tall in dignity and virtue.
  • Passionate – about life, about others and about all things. Life is worth living if we live it wholeheartedly, but how many can live every moment like their last. To be passionate means to put our all into each moment, to do our best under all conditions and to inspire others to follow our example. When we have a noble ideal which can benefit others and humanity, and our conviction to spread that ideal regardless of obstruction – that is passion. The Goddess nature must possess this quality, to achieve her goal and to encourage others to help and thus uplift people. Passion also refers to other qualities such as appreciation for the beauty within all and of creation, with that appreciation leading us to express it in ways that show. It refers to our behavior at deep levels of consciousness, to a point of knowing so when we commit to a task – we put our whole heart into it.