Pro-life (Right to life)

Pro-life, the right of life

All life is a gift from God, we must be grateful and value it. Use life to its maximum potential and original purpose – to know God. All animals can do what we can but only Humans have a discerning mind to fully realize God. Death will come naturally, no need to hasten it.

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Pro-life (or the Right to life)

We come into this world due to karma with our parents and society, and with a right to life. It is all planned out long before we arrive, so when we cut it short the whole universe gets out of balance, and lots of rescheduling must occur. Obviously, the one(s) who stopped the life must pay the spiritual cost.

Apart from the moral dilemma of ending a life, killing is clearly forbidden by all religions and spiritual movements due to the karmic cost. This has been mentioned by all past and current guru‘s, its one of the few common teachings of all religions and arguably the most important.

For these reasons, prolife is the spiritual and humane way for the right to life. A sage would say its the only way.

The consequences of Pro-choice (right to die) which is the opposite of Pro-life (right to life) has been clearly explained here. Some of the questions answered include

  • What happens when a life is ended prematurely,

  • What happens to the unborn child/soul,

  • What happens to those who ignore the right-to-life and terminate life,

  • God gives us free-will and choice, why can’t we decide

Pro-life is the acknowledgement that all life is sacred and that a human-life is created at the time of conception, not birth.

The fundamental issue with pro-life is that it’s too closely linked with the religious movement. In an ideal world each person would understand it has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with our humanity, our compassion and our level of consciousness. Animals kill one another as if its nothing for their personal needs (food).

We Humans have been created above animals, we have a discerning mind able to know and fully realize God. If we drop to the animal level and kill for our personal convenience then we are no better than animals, and surely Heaven will know that.

Society and each individual must come to a more noble conclusion that pro-life is the only way. Laws, conflict, prejudice or riots are not the way. Forcing one’s belief on another, regardless how good or bad it may be, is not the way of God. Gods way is freedom, the freedom to choose the Godly way. When we do choose a noble path all of Heaven rejoice, when we don’t Heaven understands our life is too difficult so need more time to develop. Any consequence from our action is not a punishment, it is simply a way to bring us back to the correct path. If a child does something wrong the parents must enforce some discipline otherwise how does the child know right from wrong? Through consequences we come to know what is wrong and right in a natural, but somewhat troublesome way.

If you have not already realized, this site is pro-life and pro-freedom, we believe the unborn has the right of choice. We believe the unborn is the child of God more than the child of the pregnant woman. The parents have the duty to care for the child due to (karmic bonds or debts) until the child is of age to follow its own path; the path God wants the child to follow.

No judgement is passed by us on those whom are pro-choice, we simply wish to state the spiritual truth on both and allow each person to decide. Hopefully the description provided in our pro-choice section did not sound too heavy, but this topic is very controversial and people do get extremely emotional about it.