Sun gazing



Sun gazing

Barefoot on the earth and safely sungazing into the sun at sunrise and sunset when it cannot damage our eyes has several benefits (for beginners the safe period is 30 minutes after sunrise and before sunrise when the sun’s UV/IR rays are harmless. For more experienced people, 1 hour after/before is Okay). Please note, the major side-effect of this method is the potential to damage our eye-sight, so please stick strictly to the recommended times.

What are the benefits of sun gazing, why should we even do sungazing? The method has been propagated in the west mostly by Shri Hira Ratan Manek but is an ancient South-East Asian method originating in India about 2600 years ago with the teaching of Lord Mahavir of Jainism.

  • It helps to improve our vision
  • It helps to improve our concentration
  • It provides Vitamin D
  • Reduces our appetite
  • Feeling of wellness & peace
  • Be in harmony with nature
  • Cure some emotional imbalances
  • More joy into our lives
  • Activates the pineal gland
  • Intensely lucid dreams

This method also needs research but if done correctly has no ill effects, this site can be of help. As with anything, start slow and see if it’s suitable for you. If you feel discomfort, then stop. Sun gazing can be considered as an exercise, requiring daily effort. The rewards take time to manifest, many months for most people.

In rare cases people can reach the state of permanent fasting or living on light. That is, not consuming any solid food, only water.

For most of us, sun gazing supplements our normal meals, allowing us to eat less and raise our vibration and happiness levels.

How does sun gazing work? Simple, we are light beings so when fed with light we sort of activate. You can prove it yourself; Stay in a dark room for a long time and see how you feel, many countries which have little sunlight have higher rates of depression. Then do the opposite, use a full-spectrum light-bulb for your room and leave it always on. In the morning ensure the suns-rays enter fully lightening your space, then see how you feel all day. Compare the two, which do you think is better?

So by sun gazing, we are adding light into our being via our physical eyes, our skin and the pineal gland responsible for bringing many of our internal systems into balance. We don’t even have to look directly into the sun, the reflection from clouds is also Okay to begin with or to get adjusted to the bright source. But once we are used to it, looking directly into the sun is ideal and slowing increasing each day. The recommended by the above-mentioned-master is to increase by 10-seconds each day. That sounds very sensible.