What is Jihad

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What is Jihad? Suppose to be sacrifice for Allah but now it has been abused to be more violent.


What is Jihad in the Muslim Religion (or Islamic faith)


What is Jihad? As an Islamic term, Jihad normally refers to a holy war or a religious duty of Muslims. In arabic it literally means “struggle” or more correctly interpreted as a spiritual struggle within oneself against sin done towards ones religion and Allah (God).

At the time of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) when he was being persecuted for his blasphemous teachings, he said whoever died for this noble cause would enter Heaven without question. And that was the truth because the master was alive, and as a messenger of God (or Prophet of Allah) he could promise this. He was empowered to.

Unfortunately, nowadays the beautiful sacrificial meaning of giving your life to Allah has changed. It is commonly used by those wishing to rage war by terror on the innocent and thinking they will be granted access to Heaven for doing so. How Allah rewards or punishes them is not for us to say, but even in ignorance killing is the worst sin in all religions, especially innocent human lives. We could possible understand raging war against a government or military; but ordinary civilians….

Its one of the ways non-enlightened priests have changed the teachings of past great masters to their advantage, see here for more details. It is also a way the clerics use to trap believers into following the negative-force and reduce religious tolerance.

Many jihadists have been lured to the cause of religious violence for many centuries already;  its nothing new. But 9/11 has brought it to mainstream citizens attention causing some discrimination against Muslims. At a time when many influential leaders blur the line between Islam and terrorism, we need to understand it’s not the religion causing this but misguided individuals who think they are doing the right thing. Alas the road to Hell is paved with good intention.

Islam has one key difference to other mainstream western religions which makes Jihad big news, or good news for those in power. According to Islamic law every Muslim must do several things in life before being accepted in Heaven, many holy and good deeds. But, even then they can be denied entry, depending on Allah‘s judgement. But, if they Jihad, then it’s considered the ultimate sacrifice and are give a free-entry into Heaven and with perks such as many virgin-wives or virile husband.

For most religions they believe if they take refuge in the guru they will be saved and liberated (Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc…all have this concept). The concept instills the notion of compassion and love, after all, God loves us enough to forgive us if we take refuge in him so why shouldn’t we love others also?

Please note, a Jihad is not just a violent deed even though in the west its portrayed like that. It can also mean serving Allah by helping others to become Muslims, like converting Christians to Islam or establishing a web-page to encourage Islam – we may even qualify!!!