Blessed food | What is Prasad

Food blessed by God, Prasad

Prasad, food imparted with divine blessing


What is blessed food (prasad)?

Blessed food (or Prasad) is any food which has been touched or prayed upon by a holy person, deity or elevated soul such as a guru. It will have some special quality which perhaps cannot be measured, but performs some minor miracle for the person consuming it. Some crystalline transformation does take place however, see here.

Most religions and spiritual methods have the concept of the master or Gods blessing being somehow transferred into food ready for human consumption. With Christians, Buddhists and Hindu‘s its common place. Judaism & Islam require certain foods to be prepared in a specific way (according to their religious law). In eastern spiritual philosophy, taking Darshan (Sanskrit word that means “to have the vision of God”) with ones guru directly or via a statue and receiving Prasad (blessed food) is known to  several Billion people world-wide. Churches supply blessed water, bread and celebratory food, Temples have offerings.

The obvious question is why? What’s so good about blessed food. Two things happen to the food when its blessed

  1. the vibration changes – see this article Power of thought on crystals to understand how
  2. an energy transfer occurs from the divine realm into the physical realm. The energy may be subtle or specific to the need of the person consuming it, this depends on the guru or personage providing the blessing. The energy (for lack of a better word) most people would call a blessing from God. It will do its work when the food is consumed, even though it has nothing to do with the food. At the minimum the food would have a lighter vibration and a feeling of closeness with the personage blessing it but it could also house more. In some cases people have been cured of illness, obtained some job or position in society where they could help others, some karma removed,….many reasons and most would be spiritually related or to help others in some way. In movie’s they like to be more dramatic showing blessed water dispelling evil, in reality the visual side is not like that but the effect could be similar. Any miracle would be in silence.


Can we bless our own food?

Yes! There are several ways to change the vibration,

  • firstly by using the power of thought suggested above
  • meditate and pray while the food is near you
  • leave water in direct sunlight – in a glass jar; then immerse the food inside the blessed water prior to eating.
  • leave the food in a pyramid shape container

To get the blessing by energy transfer, then you need to visit a guru and maybe bring your own food to be blessed.