Spirituality 101 (for beginners)

Spirituality 101 (for beginners), our soul is like an iceberg; most is unseen

If our complete being can be likened to an iceberg, then our physical body is the part above the surface and spirituality is a  journey each person makes to discover the truth; that we are much greater than just the body, most of which cannot be seen. All the icebergs came from the same glacier, just like us coming from God. Our shapes may be different, but our essence the same.  Spirituality 101 (for beginners) describes the basics of spiritualism, trying to make complex esoteric concepts simple.


The jargon – spiritual terms!


Language is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it enables us to communicate but due to different cultures, also creates misunderstandings. We may say God is the most high, Arabs will say no, its Allah. We say Jesus was a Master, Hindus will say he was Guruji. So lets define a few keywords so at least we can talk the same language. Actually, if the whole world spoke one language, we would still have issues due to differences in our level of consciousness (a 1st grader will have a different interpretation as compared to university student). Hence the need for this class, spirituality 101 (for beginners) on spiritualism.

    • God = God almighty = the most high = Supreme Personality of Godhead or Being = Allah (one God) = Jah = The Lord = Parabrahman = Yahweh = and many more
    • Love = the absolute embrace of life = God = our divine nature or essence = that which exists above all else
    • Guru = a master = avatar = teacher = spiritual guide = messenger = prophet
    • Spirituality – see here
    • Soul = inner guide = part of God = the part of us which is real, never born’s, never dies, never suffers. Attaches to the mind in order to experience life.
    • Consciousness = how we understand things and behave according to where we are in our souls evolution = how much light we have = how close we are to what we want to be or experience
    • Level = similar to consciousness, but also which school we happen to be in during our journey
    • Sincerity in spiritual practice is hard to define. Just being on the path is sincere, and often outer actions are for the mind; not true sincerity. So, it’s really an individual definition, if you are happy with your effort, then that is sincerity. But don’t compare what you do with others.
    • Vibration refers to how much divine light we have, not our aura. The halo which surrounds spiritually advanced souls can be enormous…their vibration is very fine resonating with higher realms. Have you ever gone somewhere and felt the vibes? Well, that’s due the collective consciousness of the people there – what they are thinking. Often in a holy place such as church, sacred site or temple, the vibration feels cool, lighter, uplifting. In darker places, it makes us feel uncomfortable, itchy. So, the higher our level, the finer our vibration and brighter/bigger our halo. All of creation was made by sound vibration, everything vibrates at different frequencies (science has proven this). So, if spirituality means to reunite with our true nature, it makes sense to return to the original creative vibrational force – right? So the more spiritual we are, in theory, the higher our vibration.
    • Samadhi is what we all seek…total bliss. It’s a state of forgetfulness of our current life and body and remembrance or reconnectiveness with our soul. In practice, it normally refers to a deep state of meditation where we leave the body and go traveling somewhere in the universe with the soul. Perhaps not even travel, just go to a place of nothingness/emptiness. Another tough one to define, need to experience it first hand – you will like it!! Past masters have said it’s the closest feeling to the divine we can experience on earth, total Heavenly bliss. There are many levels of samadhi, takes lots of practice to achieve the higher states. Although, some people have had enlightening samadhi-like experiences of oneness without any meditation, but these rarely last or are not easily repeatable.
    • Duality = the dual existence of the absolute realm (spiritual kingdom where no time, form or space exists) and the relative realm (the known universe or what we can see and measure with our senses).
    • Karma
    • Maya (the illusion) is that which makes us feel separate to each other and God. The Ego is the tool used to enforce separation.
    • Yoga comes from the Sanskrit verb yuj, to yoke or unite = The goal of yoga is to unite oneself with the almighty; the practice of yoga is the path we take to accomplish this. Therefore spiritual practice is Yoga, Religious devotion or prayer is Yoga, and all paths on our journey is Yoga. In the market place there countless types of Yoga, the A-Z Yoga. Some focus on exercise, some breath control, some meditation, some body work, some mantras or chanting, some on worship or devotion, etc. It’s a matter of finding out what you have affinity with. Within this site, we have described some of the main types, mostly what you can achieve from them and advantages/disadvantages or potential side effects/risks.
    • Ether = all things esoteric which cannot be explained using scientific terms. Free energy comes from the ether, our souls are from the ether.

Why do we need it?

We don’t! Nothing in this world is important, except the importance we place on it. Do we need the education system? No, but of course we do – ditto. We are perfect the way we are, but because of our nature being far greater that our physical being or thoughts, we will naturally feel the need to expand or perhaps just feel expanded. This is spirituality in motion.

The thing is, the need manifest in different ways for each person (see types below). So we do need methods, paths, masters, etc….to make our search easier and quicker. Just like what google search does for the internet…we don’t need it, but hey it makes life a whole lot easier.


What are the types of spiritual methods?

When the longing starts and we feel a need to “grow”, there are so many options available to us. Some people recite affirmations or mantras, some sing or find an outlet for their newly discovered creativity, some walk in nature or perhaps along the beach, some seek a teacher and method which could change their lives dramatically. So, here lets categorise a few of the main types

  • spirituality discovered by demonstrating our creativity
    • ever felt an urge to write a poem, draw a picture, write a song or just shout and rejoice? these are outlets for our newly discovered spirituality. They are more like gifts along the way, many more gifts will come and in different ways. eg. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. He was very spiritual and his brilliance manifested in commercial products – which has benefited humanity
  • spirituality explored by finding the treasures nature has to offer
    • ever watched the sunrise/set in stillness, sat alone in a forest, hugged a huge tree or laid on an empty beach listening to the ocean? try it…explaining the impact would not do it justice.
  • spirituality awakened by falling in love with yourself
    • ever looked in the mirror and said “I love you?” We all have to start somewhere; the best place is to have a very personal relationship with ourselves. Love ourselves, forgive ourselves and everyone else that has caused us pain, and just be in the present moment – the now. There are many ways you can do it, so many courses available, look around. Be aware and the right path will show itself.
  • spirituality revealed by meditation
  • spirituality inspired by prayer, rites & rituals
  • spirituality born for a new age
    • the new age movement is actually more like ancient or native methods reborn. A few of the methods utilize technology which is recent, but generally they have been around for as long as humanity has been civilized. Since the industrial revolution, the need for something to reconnect people with their roots has led to the rise of this movement.  The amount of methods and practitioners of this movement is probably larger than some of the bigger religions, that’s because a person can be religious and still practice a new age method – they complement each other enhancing one’s life and spirituality.
  • and the list goes on…..

What’s right for me, which method or master is best?

The beauty about spiritual practice is that everyone can be right, and no-one wrong. You are the one that must decide what is right for you, your truths. So look around, find something that resonates with your being, find a teacher that you have some affinity with and then devote yourself to that method until it’s time to move on.

How do you know? There are some general guidelines to look for, again depending on the type of things that interest you.

Normally, you should be given some proof that the method works, perhaps like testimony from others, inner experience, or strong feeling.

Next, whatever the method claims to provide should be in-line with past teachers of the same or similar method, and in-line with your own truths about what you want from it.

Next, whatever comes from God is free, we were born with everything needed to achieve/obtain what we want; so look at what you are being charged for. Obviously classes such as yoga or meditation retreats need to be paid for – they are not the method, just facilitate you practising the method. The method is more like a secret mantra, an initiation, a ceremony, a technique, a blessing, etc. A teacher can show you where your forgotten treasure is, lights the way so you follow the right path and perhaps carry you a little when you need help; in the end, you are the master of your own path.

Finally, Gods love is unconditional. We are perfect where we are and what we are, so any method which asks you to dramatically change your way of life should be considered carefully. In many cases, a method may ask you to keep precepts such ‘no-killing’, ‘no-stealing’, ‘no-adultery’, etc. These are rules of the universe for all to live a harmonious life, so a method may ask you to do this to pull you back into balance.

For example, if your body is sick a teacher may ask you to do a fast for a while, but once back into balance the fast is of no value. Spiritually it’s the same, once we are in balance with life, we become the precepts; that is our consciousness has changed so much that we naturally would not do anything to harm another being.

As an example, a method offers you eternal paradise. So the questions you need to ask are,

  • who is going to give you this – who has the power?
  • has anyone else got it – any proof?
  • do you have to wait until death to get it?
  • what is the foundation of this method, who started it, who runs it now?
  • how is it funded & managed? Most of these are common sense questions;

If you are honest and look carefully it will keep you out of trouble. But having said that, it seems the destiny of many to fall into Mayas trap; if so, nothing we say can convince them otherwise.



What do I get from it?

Well, we are not here to do business with ourselves!! So, ask not what you can get but what you can give and then receive. What you get is what you’re looking for, and that may be different for each person. How long it takes, and to what extent to get your hearts wish depends on you.

Ultimately what most of us want from spirituality is joy, peace, happiness, serenity, a deep knowing of who we really, enlightenment or eternal liberation. If that’s what you seek, it can be yours. Once you make the connection, then “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door will be opened”


How much does it cost?

A person in search of a lost dog would pay a reward to the person who could find it; right? You don’t pay for the dog, because it’s already yours. The finder does not have a fee, but you willingly give due of gratitude. So, it’s the same with spirituality. We were born with everything needed, so why pay (see here)?

But actually, we will end up paying something because it becomes part of us and we wish to expand on it and share. For example, so many temples are built nowadays, with the money coming from the community. It’s in their interest to pull together so that a facility may be created, to facilitate practice for all. No one paid for the method, it’s just a win-win situation.

So if you practice yoga, its natural you pay admission fees & buy videos. If you like nature, you pay national park fees. If you like meditation, you pay for classes or travel to see discourses of the master. If you have no money, then just focus on the method; it’s already enough. You could do yoga/meditation at home for example. For walk in local parks or on the beach. Money helps, but it’s not actually needed. As you progress in your chosen path, these things just fall into place….very naturally. You will know what’s right for you.

Hopefully these simplified answers have helped you, for more detail please see our whole navigation menu, it covers much more than just spirituality 101 (for beginners)

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