How to make it in life

On top of the world, how To Make It In Life

You’ve made it in life, on top of the world – now what?

How to make it in life

Non spiritually minded people would identify ‘making it in life’ as financial success, being at the top of there chosen profession or having achieved something. But if we stop to think about it, what does it actually mean? How to make it in life, make what exactly!  Well…what is it that we want in the first place, what do we really want; not just some whim of the mind forced upon us by society and the desire of others, or to compete materially with others. And what happens afterwards when we get it, what’s our big plan?

As the children of God we have been given the tools necessary to achieve almost anything we desire (or how to make it in life) but there is a catch. That’s why we have a saying, ‘be careful what you pray for, it may come true

Success comes at a price, before walking that path we need to ask ourselves; are we willing to pay for it! We live in an yin/yang world (positive/negative); generally speaking whatever we get is only about half good. For example, we see a beautiful postcard of an island so visit, only to be sun-burnt and bitten by sand-flies. Or we win $1 Million in the lotto only to have a headache with fortune hunters, thieves, rip-off merchants, taxation, and endless con-artists trying to share in it. Perhaps we pray for the perfect spouse, only to find our idea of perfect was not perfect, so have issues. The list is endless, nothing in our world is ever 100% perfect we way we want.

How to make it in life?  Step 1. Know exactly what it is you want, quantify it (write it down with the reasons why and what it will do for you, that is, what will it do for you that you cannot have now). Then put it in your mind always, pray for it. Eat with it, live with it, sleep with it. Be congruent in your thought, speech and action with it. Think of it, see it in your mind’s eye. Take the steps needed to achieve it. That’s how to make it in life.

There are some rules that the universe runs by, one is, our mind has the power to create as long as we stay focused in want we want. The universe will eventually grant it, some things can accelerate the process like focused meditation; but it will eventually manifest. Using your creative power against the moral precepts most religions abide by will still work, but will have bad consequences for you and your family. Why, because doing things against moral codes causes karma.

Lets look at some questions we should be asking ourselves before we strive to achieve something that may not even by what we truly want and can bring us many problems. The elderly, being wise and well experienced in life and all, will encourage us but also try to ground us by reminding us of simple truths “the simple things in life are often the best“.

What is important to me, what is it that I want to achieve in life

For each of these rate them accordingly (0 for NO-nonsense,  10 for YES-nothing else matters)

  1. I want success at my chosen profession
  2. I want money
  3. I want position, to be recognized (Politician, CEO, top-dog)
  4. I want name, a title like Prince, Sir, Dr.
  5. I want fame, to be famous like a star, to be known by all
  6. I want to be a spiritual enlightened master
  7. I want to be loved and have people worship me
  8. I want a plane, super car and all the trappings of life
  9. I want to sleep all day
  10. I want to be left alone

Did you score 9-10 in any of the above – if yes, you are in trouble. Sure, we can focus on something to achieve it, but it becomes a habit with side-effects. So much so it will also effect everything we do in other areas of our lives, the attitude may work in one field – but outside of it, the attitude may have interesting results.

We need balance in life, balance in everything we do. If too extreme then consequences will arise as we fight to be something we are not.

Spiritually minded people will understand there are more important things in life than success or material reward. Even to desire enlightenment above all else is not right, it’s not what God wants; strong desire only come from our minds.

  • When we die what is there? Only the attainment we achieved during a life filled with spiritual practice. We cannot take money, family or even love when we leave this world. We came with nothing material or emotional, and that’s how we leave. In Islam, the Holy Quran says we are only guests in this world, live a rich life but share.
  • What makes us more happy during life – inner peace, memorable human relationship, or a diamond ring? When we know who we are then we have some something tangible which always satisfies us regardless of what comes and goes. If we look back at our lives often what fills our hearts with joy are the times we spent with a friend or family member. Our travels, possessions or education does not get the same feeling, and a diamond ring will bring great emotional pleasure for a short time until the novelty wears thin or relationship suffers. And so, happiness is a state of being, nothing we get or need to work for. It just is – in which case why do we need to achieve something to get happiness; well, we don’t.
  • What about my legacy, my children, my achievements?Sadly, we may be biological parents but God is the true parent of all beings. Once grown, our children have their own lives; they may respect us and continue to be very loyal but nonetheless, their karma must work itself out. Nothing in this world needs us because it’s not real in the first place. It’s just part of the illusion to help the soul experience God. Essentially, the important things in life is anything we make important. So, if you forget to experience but prefer to leave a legacy behind for others to remember you, how will it help you when you’re gone?
  • What about having a family?That is about as normal as you can get in society, but it alone does not keep us in balance; we also need a career, exercise and spiritual practice. Unfortunately, with family comes responsibility; then we become overwhelmed and the original dream is no longer so sweet.

 Now, lets revisit those 10 questions above and ask the question – After I get what I want, then what?

  1. After success at my chosen profession.Our whole life is a success, not just profession. What if we neglect loved-ones on the road to success? What if our heart closes with time making us distant for the people we strive for. What happens to the years lost while the family grows. Will the success help others!
  2. After money.Can you buy love and happiness with that?
  3. After position.Watch your back, others will be jealous of your achievement.
  4. After name.Who are you now, a victim for the paparazzi; name has come at the price of privacy.
  5. After fame.You have talent, and countless groupies to grow your ego and take you further away from yourself.
  6. After becoming an enlightened master.If your motive was noble then after achieving this state you would be a saviour of this world; but to get here is not easy. God knows what’s in our minds and hearts.
  7. After getting attention.How long will the pleasure last, how long before you pray for solitude.
  8. After all the trappings of life!What do you do with all this stuff, how many people must you employ to manage it, protect it…when can you have peace.
  9. After sleeping all day!After death you can sleep all you like, before then we must glorify God by living a full life and utilizing our time for spiritual practice. Otherwise no point to even leave bed.
  10. After being left alone!Now you are in a self-made cave, what now? How do you improve if there are no shoulders to rub with? Who will help you in times of need? We were born human, to be with other humans. In moderation contact is fine, its benefits our spiritual progress – no need to shun it. Only when people waste our time should we seek short to medium term retreats.

Now do you know how to make it in life? It is not difficult, but is it really want you want?