The Method

Best method for Spiritual practice is the one you like best

The best method for Spiritual practice? The one you like best

When the longing starts and we feel a need to “grow”, there are so many methods available to us to choose from; stepping-stones along the path to self-awareness. Spiritually, The Method we choose will be simple, elegant, functional and help to keep us in balance. It’s perfect for who we are and where we are at the time.
The Student (You), the Method (Dharma of your chosen path) and the Guru (teacher of your chosen path) all combine to achieve a result. Each student may have a different expectation, may want a different outcome or perceives spirituality differently.  The beauty about God is each student can see, feel and experience God is the way their minds accept.

What this means in practical terms, if many students follow say Yoga. One may see God manifest in nature. Another may see God dwell in the hearts of people, another may have visions of Heaven during meditation….etc. God has no form – is infinite and formless; but if needed can appear in form. Many followers of various religions have had holy encounters with past saints, perhaps seeing the Prophet, Mary or Moses. These images were in fact the almighty manifesting in a form the spiritual aspirant had affinity with, and could relate to. One was not better than another.

Even though it may feel like free will due to lifestyle choice or affinity, the method(s) you choose in life depends on your karma and destiny; it is pre-ordained. Based on your past life spiritual practice and level of consciousness , one method will stand out more for you than another; your teacher has already been granted you as a student, even before you were born. But until you are ready, the teacher may not appear. Some students will do many methods, each like a stepping stone onto another.