Why suffering, why does God allow suffering


Humans and our actions are the root cause why bad things happen

Why suffering, why does God allow suffering

Why is this world so bad, with injustice, suffering, disasters. Why does God allow suffering and why do bad things happen? It’s not God that creates pain and suffering; either personally like with sickness or collectively like with natural disasters. We do, we cause the suffering; by our actions against other beings or the planet, by our inaction in preventing trouble, and by the choices we make daily in life.

One word explains why suffering; karma.  We are either suffering due to our karma or creating more karma and thereby will suffer again later. Our world has been created more negative than positive so we could evolve spiritually and make it more positive through our own evolution, closer to Heaven. Unfortunately, it still is more negative than positive and that can be seen everywhere, we don’t need to go to Africa, the middle-east or a disaster area. Just look at our family circle, or local society.

According to the Buddha, originally we were spiritual beings floating about in the skies like winged angels. Then over a course of time we started eating, gradually more and more heavy things. This changed our vibration to become more and more coarse until we started to degrade our spiritual purity and become physical beings. The downward spiral continued as we killed animals (and humans) for food or needs, and started to behave in non-saintly ways. Because of the nature of this world, and the boon God has given the lord of karma to keep us here as part of the illusion, we started to incur karmic debts.

Each life a little, until over many, many lifetimes, it has become like this. Our karma is enormous, but we are not trapped here. God sends messengers here to remind us, to bring us home. If we practice spiritually with these messengers, then we can escape the illusion and by the way, help uplift the rest of humanity to cut the circle of bad karma and end the downward spiral. Although it may not appear like it, the ending of suffering is in progress. The world has already changed dramatically, and will continue to as the critical mass kicks in. It may take a very long time to achieve Heaven on Earth, but it will happen.

Why suffering? How do wars start or disasters happen? The root cause is karma, how it manifests is due to negative energy. For example, let’s look at World War 2. How was Hitler born? Before he was conceived, there must have been lots of negativity made by his victims, the collective karma of his victims must have been growing. In addition, the thoughts, speech and actions on the planet must have been much more negative than positive. The negativity builds up like a cloud amassing water before a big downpour. Once this negative energy gets too much, in manifests physically, hence it enabled the birth of Hitler; the rest you know. 

Another example, Jesus Christ was the son of God, he knew Judas would betray him; but what did he do? Nothing. He accepted the karma, the so-called sins of his disciples. The karma he took on made him suffer. Without taking on this karma his disciples may have gone to lower realms after death or suffered somehow.

So, Jesus diffused the karma, the cloud. But during WWII, no master was around. It could not be diffused, it had to be born; as Hitler. Karma is not visible until it manifests. Because we are all connected as the children of God, what one person does or one nation will affect the whole. This is why one country can pollute its land, but the effect downstream in another country is worse. Karma is not so black and white, often the way people suffer is not due to what they did in this life.

Why does God allow suffering ? But one thing is clear, there is no such thing as victims; nothing can happen without Heaven knowing. God almighty may not like it, but the lord of karma can only do what humans want, and what we want is shown by our deeds and thinking. For example, we say we love primates and forests, yet buy palm sugar (indirectly through the products which use it) which encourages companies to grown more; how? but cutting down more forests removing the habitat for primates.

We say we need the Amazon as the lungs of the Earth, yet we eat pork which is the leading reason the Amazon forest  is being cleared; to grow soy to feed pigs. Understand now? Our suffering is from the decisions we make on a daily basis, some are not clear; perhaps due to our ignorance. But regardless, we cannot blame God for something we are doing.

In our current age the planet has record-breaking temperatures yearly with extreme weather patterns. Ninety percent of all scientists now support the theory of human-accelerated global warming. Yet, what are we doing at a personal level? Mostly nothing. So when storms, earthquakes or floods kill thousands we still call it an act of God. But actually, we, collectively, are to blame. We have caused the planet to heal itself and thus suffering to others by our action or inaction. On personal levels this is easy to see, but on a global scale it is not.

Why suffering? The law of karma is precise. As we sow, so shall we reap. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. What we do to others, will be done unto us.

(*past messengers include Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, BabaJi, Bahá’u’lláh, Guru Nanak, etc.  It’s been said that to escape the bounds of Maya and thus suffering, a living master is needed. Doesn’t matter how great a dead doctor was, he cannot help when we need him).