What is a soul

What is a soul, total purity like a dove from Heaven

Dove from Heaven defines what is a soul


What is a soul and where did it come from

The soul is the purest and formless part of us, of our entire being (which is made of body, mind and ether). The soul itself is made of pure, divine, God-produced love-consciousness. Imagine the oceans, all the oceans of the world combined.

Any idea how many drops there are?

God almighty is like the ocean, made of an infinite number of droplets we call souls. The soul has the same quality of God, the same essence but obviously not the same power. Each drop when separated seems different, but when merged is undistinguishable.  Souls are just like that, all are equal, all came from the same source, and all are connected with the whole, because the whole consists of the individual parts. Together, as the children of God, we are God.

That’s why we can say we one, united, or we are all connected.

So, what is a soul exactly? Originally, before the almighty became an ocean it was in another dimension known as the absolute.  Well, it’s still there, but now we also have this ocean existing concurrently as when there was no ocean. It’s like when we have a dream. At that time we have a body just laying there sleeping/dreaming, but also a dream body which is very active. The dream body is not real, we created it while sleeping; yet it seems real when we are in it especially if having a lucid dream. The mind makes it seem real. So it is like God is having a lucid dream and we souls are the actors in this supreme infinite dream.


Why was our soul made and by whom?

In the realm of experience (relative duality) God created individual souls just like a dream body, thus we call it the illusion. Individual souls are part of the illusion, but at a very high level…almost the top. In absolute truth there only exists one super soul (God almighty) , but for the purpose of understanding, we say the super-soul subdivided into little souls – you & I. We came from the almighty, we are the almighty – in part.

Why did God almighty do this – read the meaning of life.

Can we  go back to the source, merge totally with divine source without having any sense of individuality like a soul? If we no longer wish to be a droplet in the ocean, but merge completely; yes it’s possible once we attain the soul level. It’s a one way decision, even though nothing is lost. At the soul level we have almost zero ego, only enough to maintain individuality is left. So, we do not have any identity, no family connections like we have now or with the mind. We are just divinity integrated. Some souls who no longer have a mission or no longer wish to partake in Gods experience could return but most don’t to because then there is no fun, no experience to glorify God. God’s dream would be over if we all returned so it does not make sense to do that.

Now do you understand what is a soul, its you. You living your life the way it was meant to be lived. You defining God almighty by taking part in the supreme infinite dream called reality. The greater you is the soul and the purpose of life is to know that. Mostly through experience only, but as we come towards the end of our experience, we need to know it through spiritual practice…that’s why we are born human as only humans can know God. Animals can only experience God.