Healing and Wellness

Healthy Couple doing Yoga and in total health and wellness

Couple doing yoga, stilling the mind and being at peace; allowing healing and wellness energy to flow in then manifest physically


Healing and Wellness manifests when we surrender our mind(thoughts) and just be in a positive state without thinking. This allows healing to enter our being and wellness to follow. Sickness is the opposite, when we hold on to a concept and stay lost in the mind. The mind is only part of the illusion, when we can ignore it then we are free. This mindfulness state can be obtained from yoga, meditation or just being still in nature.

There are many types of healing; most are very beneficial as it lightens our burden and uplifts our soul; but some actually make things worse.


Emerson once said “A great burden falls from our shoulders when we let God run the universe.”  This quote means something different for each person that reads it. Since we are a spiritual help desk, we shall provide a spiritual interpretation related to karma and destiny.

Jesus once said, “That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”. What does this signify, in one word “acceptance.”

The only reason we are born into this world is because we have karma with others to resolve. Even when God manifests here physically (as a prophet, guru, messenger, etc); the body they use must have some karma otherwise it cannot interrelate with others.

So this karma is what is installed for us this life, due to whatever we did in past-lives. It means we are responsible for it, not the “I” that I think I am, but the “I” which is attached to our souls; the part of us that has existed over many lifetimes. When we understand these concepts, healing and wellness comes easily and naturally.

So if a stranger hits us, we are not blameless. The lord of karma has made that person do it. Jesus knew this, so he said not to resist evil (the person hitting him for no reason). By offering the other cheek, it’s an ultimate expression of acceptance and gratitude. He acknowledges his own karma, and thanked God for ending it by delivering it. The fact that we are born here means we must endure our karma. Only spiritual practice can lessen it somewhat due to grace and merit.

There are no such things as victims and villains in Gods eyes; only when we get lost in the drama does everything seem so serious and life-threatening. The reality is, we are not the body, nothing can happen to the real us, and whatever happens to our physical bodies is due to our consent at some level of consciousness. The world is truly perfect when we see things from a higher perspective.

In addition, God often gives us blessings in disguise. Sickness often causes the patient to seek God, to accelerate their spiritual journey and long more for Heaven; then when healing and wellness comes they praise God for it. If we are too lost in the world, we may need to be woken up, before we can be awakened. And now, a few forms of healing and their spiritual effect.

Physical sickness

This could be a wound, sickness, injury, surgery or anything related to the body in a way conventional medicine understands. This form of healing is the best for us, by enduring the pain, cost and suffering from the remedy – we pay for the karma. Thus it lightens our debt to the world and can improve our spiritual practice once we get over the pain and drama it caused. In this category of healing and wellness, you can include massage, natural therapies, acupuncture, alternate medicine, etc (as long as the remedy does not alter the aura or magnetic field of the patient)

Emotional/Mental healing

If you’ve ever experienced a broken heart then you will know emotional pain can be worse than physical. Or if you’ve seen movies like Alfred Hitchcock “Physco” , will know some people can do extreme or abnormal things under the control of a deluded mind.

As per physical sickness, due to our suffering this type of illness can help burn karma and make us look for a solution outside of medicine. If medication is available, it can also benefit us spiritually because it enables us to continue in life, living normally like our peers. Emotional issues also have many types such as depression, anxiety/ stress, loss of a loved one, past life issues, abuse, low self-esteem/lack of self-worth.,etc

What they all share in common is that none are real. Only the mind traps the person into a false bubble so perfect that they think their version of reality is the only truth. Suicides at the moment just before death cannot see a way out, they are so lost in darkness due to the mind. But if rescued, perhaps even the next day they would see a solution. How to break the mind-bubble?

    • often just talking helps, it’s like releasing a pressure valve. The only bad thing about psychologists and the like helping others is they often replace one bad concept with another. True freedom can only be found in the truth, of knowing who we really are and that all this nonsense is not real.
    • sympathy often works in the short-term, but causes a victim mentality in the long-term which cause greater identification with body/mind and karma
    • prayer can help some people, but what is really happening is the transfer of love; of compassion and merit; that’s the real benefit. Like asking a very good practitioner who is close to you to pray is better than asking your local politician for help. When we really believe in God and have some contact, prayer works magic. But most people do not have such faith or direct contact.

And the best method for healing and wellness; just provide unconditional love and remind the person they are not the body, they are much greater. When they can accept it, tell them to forgive (even themselves) by accepting responsibility for it. Because we are connected, the more genuine our love, the greater the transference. A little of their burden will come to us, but that what love is for. The more we practice spiritually to grow in love, the more we can help others.