Our body is a Temple of God

Exercise to take care of our bodies which house part of God, the temple of God

Our body is a temple of God, we are obliged to take care of it for spiritual practice

Our Body is a Temple of God

We are like a temple of God due to our soul dwelling within and attached via a silver chord. We have a duty to exercise the body keep it well maintained in order to utilize it for life’s mission. Without our human body, Gods plan to experience the everything could not unfold. Hence the longer the body lasts, the more progress we can make and the more we can glorify the universal plan. As a temple of God, God has made the body with everything needed to sustain and heal itself, including the ability to absorb nutrition from different sources.

Why do we call it a temple of God?  Well, its like a building but only made of flesh. The main reason of course, we are made in the image of God, we house part of God within us in the form of our soul. In fact, as humans we have the potential to fully realize God, to attain God realization and become enlightened. That is the main reason the human body is so precious and we are obliged to look after it. It is also the reason every religion tells us that suicide is a sin. Since we are part of God in the process of reuniting, then we should respect the vehicle we have been given. Not everyone is spiritually inclined to utilize the body to its maximum potential, but nonetheless, we all must respect what has been given. Our bodies and indeed our lives deserves such respect.

So what we put into our mouths controls how well and how long our body lasts. A vegetarian diet rich with living foods ensure a longer and healthier life. Exercise also extends how long we can keep the body (vehicle) in good working order.

Not just food and exercise, what in put into our minds and the environment also control how we practice spiritually. In a negative environment it is very difficult to believe in non tangible esoteric concepts. Not because they are difficult to grasp, but because so many people want to pull us down.

Thus to keep the temple of God in good working order, have a simple spiritual life, pure food, some devotion to God and minimize the complexities of life which cause us to drown in suffering.