Tantra Yoga | Tantric Sexual rites

Tantra Yoga, Tantric Sexual rites

With images like this is easy to see why the original tantric teachings have been misunderstood


Tantra Yoga  and Tantric Sexual rites

Tantra Yoga has its roots in ancient India, hundreds of years BC. Tantric sexual rites were created for married couples to help them preserve their spiritual power (or life-force energy which is lost with ejaculation or orgasm) during sex. Singles, renunciants or monastic disciples would find no value in this technique; hence, its teachings at times seem to be the bipolar opposite of conventional spiritualism.

Shiva and his beloved Shakti are the inspiration for the yoga. As two opposing energies Shakti is the divine feminine creator and Shiva is the supreme God. One of the main goals of Tantra Yoga is to awaken and unify the male and female components of the couple and help them to reach higher spiritual levels.

For example, most methods teach the world is illusionary, but Tantra Yoga says its real; a form a divine self-expression to be free and blissful in Divine Consciousness through mutual acts of pleasure. Tantric sexual rites enabled couples the ability to reach spiritual liberation, just like celibates could. The core essence is “Nothing exists that is not Divine.”

It should be noted that most Tantra Yoga teachings are not sexually related, but in our modern times, it’s difficult to find a meaning of Tantra that does not involve Tantric Sexual rites.

Spiritually speaking, sex had several purposes. Tantra yoga refers to a unique style which amplifies the sexual experience to a level of ecstasy and preserves the vital life force. The intention is to allow married spiritual practitioners to enjoy the love-making-experience and not waste too much of their spiritual energy during the exchange of bodily fluids such as semen.  Those wanting liberation need to let go of orgasms, for something much greater. Through a series of rituals, preparatory actions and purification, the couple conjoins physically but fused together spiritually as one, expanding their awareness and becoming more enlightened. That’s the theory.

These days, it’s used to avoid or extend the time of ejaculation, have multiple orgasms and yes, amplify the sensual experience and improve the love between the couple. Tantric sexual rites teaches how subtle touch, stroking and other acts, when two are in love, and uplift the relationship and expand consciousness. By focusing on the lower charkras, then moving up, a tantric yogi can reach enlightenment.

This method has side benefits of improving our health due to the deep breathing, strengthening of muscles in the genitalia area, and other exercises, especially for the male. Studies have also found significant improvement in sexual health including increased libido for women, and overall for the betterment of the relationship.

In summary, if you understand that tantric sexual rites have little to do with Tantra Yoga, and the sexual rituals/rites taught are no longer the same as what the master taught and so will not derive the same spiritual benefit – then this method may help couples on the same path wishing to enjoy each other and still focused on the love aspect of sensuality. It requires both parties to follow the same path, especially during the many exercises.

Regardless of what the many websites say, few people are following the original Tantric method, but it’s so powerful that even a part of it brings wonderful results to a couple’s relationship. The only down side is successfully mastering the modern version of Tantra yoga may make you too happy and so forget the other side; to obtain enlightenment. Another very significant disadvantage is that it also causes too much attention to go to the body, forgetting our pure divine nature; the soul. Once sexual desire is started, it is very difficult for most people to control, so this type of method must be considered very carefully.