The journey – safe?

Road to Heaven, is the journey safe?


Spirituality, is the journey safe?

It’s written something like “the road to Heaven is as sharp as a razor’s edge, difficult to pass, but the road to destruction made easy and wide”. Depending on our chosen path the journey may or may not be safe. We may encounter difficulties (for those without a guide), but for those that follow the correct process; it’s just like frolicking in Heavenly fields, a piece of cake or  child’s-play.

There are many traps for the novice – maya (the illusion) is waiting to deceive. After all, if you become aware of the truth, then you are no longer bound to its world. So be prepared for an adventure. Just like taking a mountain hike; you need to make sure you have food, water and the right equipment for the terrain and weather.

Make sure you have a competent inner teacher who can help you, make sure you follow the teachers recommendations (rules, precepts, etc.),  make sure you know what to do and who to call in times of need, and most important; make sure you believe in yourself.

The vast majority of methods are very safe, especially under the guidance of a teacher. If you don’t have a teacher for a meditation based method, then at least you should ask someone experienced before embarking on an inward journey. For example, if your method is to walk with nature, hug a tree, etc….what can be more serene and safe?

But if you enjoy channelling astral entities then you need to know how to protect yourself from malicious beings wishing to invade your body. Every method has good and bad points, advantages and disadvantages. You as the captain of the ship; must make decisions about what direction to take. Heaven looks at your intention, but more importantly is your decision and the preparation you take.

A captain would not commence the journey without a sturdy ship, crew and insurance. Your ship is your body, your insurance is your master and your crew is the method you practice.

You are in charge, you are responsible and you are in the process of becoming the master. We as the children of the almighty all have free will, we have the freedom of choice to take whatever path we like, good or bad. God has already send so many messengers here to teach us, we all know what is right and wrong, we all know at some level of consciousness. Be true and honest to yourself when you choose a method or path for the journey to make it safe, pray for help so you get all the information necessary to make the right decision for you!


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