Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts about life control life

Love and gratitude for all things in life, and Positivity that all things are possible


Power of positive thinking on crystals

You only need to walk into a new age shop or flea market to see an assortment of crystals & gemstones. So many types, sizes and colors’. Each has a different emotional and spiritual effect on us, depending on our need. Each person may have affinity with a certain type, or feel that one really works for them.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a pioneer Japanese researcher, has discovered certain characteristics of crystals grown in water. His research is well documented and is available all over the internet. In summary, he found the crystals changed according to our thought and intention, with positive thinking and loving thoughts the crystals changed form.

We all know food kept in a pyramid keeps longer than that left outside. Well, if we just label a jar filled with water with kind words such as “I Love You”, “I am grateful”, “Forgiveness”, etc…or even to pray over the Jar will cause amazing results. Dr. Emoto found the water had a certain blessing quality and if food was dipped in it, it would last longer. His experiments were repeated by many others, each having the same results. The crystalline structure of water empowered by positive thinking was changed for the better.

This is a scientific example of how crystals amplify thought, and how our thought (positive thinking) creates our reality. Experiments have also been done with different types of spiritual practitioners. Like a priest or monk praying verses an ordinary person. The more light a person has or the more elevated they are, the stronger the blessing power of the water manifested as larger crystalline formations.  Meditation & the sun can also charge the water. What this all means is our positive thinking changes our vibration. Spiritual people, especially the more they practise, will naturally be more loving and more positive and thus will have a greater impact on not only water, but everything around them. We don’t need to be spiritual to be positive, but positive people who are loving are naturally spiritual.

Positive Thinking – Think Positive BE Positive

You must have heard the expression ‘we are what we eat’, well we also are what we think. We were made by thought (our creator thought us into existence) and one of the fastest ways to manifest things in our life is by thought. If we keep an idea in our mind, depending on our conviction is must come true. The universe is here to give us what we desire; after all we are Gods children. It may take time, like lifetimes, but it will come to pass. The more we practice meditation or concentration methods, the faster things come to us. At times we just need to think of something or someone, then hey presto…it manifests! Thought is a fast way to create but not the fastest.

Acceptance of what is, is the best and fastest method of creation. Knowing that whatever manifests is perfect. Using the mind or ego to create also causes attachment and side effects…hence the saying, ‘be careful what you wish for, it may come true’. However, just being positive about ourselves and life, and just accepting all that is as perfect is actually recreating ourselves anew in a more perfect way. It may appear the same but that’s only because of habit, to recreate like we knew. In actual fact, the state we are being is having dramatic impact on soul, we are being elevated.

Positive thinking is not just using positive words such as in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or affirmations. Positivity actually comes from out light, our vibration. Actually and quite literally, positivity comes from the lack of thought and attachment to the thought. The attachment to an idea causes the ego to grow, which is negative. Like attracts like, so a certain vibration will attract that response. Many people talk about certain types of karma. If a person has bad car karma, then they attract bad luck with cars. If they have good parking karma, then they attract the best parking spots wherever and whenever. It’s not karma, it’s thought and belief in that thought.

Our thinking, or more correctly the deep subconscious desire behind the thought, sometimes known as the sponsoring thought, attracts things to us. Some examples

  • Some police can tell which type of people are likely to be victims..because it’s in their aura, it’s their thought vibration.
  • If you enter a room and someone looks or thinks of you, somehow you turn your head at the right moment to make contact.
  • If mom & infant are sleeping and the infant needs something, mom will automatically react and even do things while sleeping
  • If you have a strong connection with someone and they call you, while the phone rings you may even know whose calling (without looking at caller-id first 🙂

These happen because we are connected within, we are one. Thought is a channel we use to send our messages, it surrounds us and is visible to Heaven and advanced spiritual souls. Vibration is a force we use to pull things to us, it’s a simple law of attraction; it’s a mechanism the universe uses to bring two people together or fulfil desire.

The moral of the story is

  • think positive
  • avoid talking nonsense
  • desire nothing
  • practice spiritually to raise our vibration
  • think of the most high often.

Then life will be perfect in every way, and in every moment.