What is Spirituality

What is Spirituality

We are never alone, Spirituality means being with our true-self


What is spirituality

Asking what is spirituality is a bit like asking what love is or what is God. Quite frankly, it’s impossible to answer and cover everyone’s concepts; we can only generalize about what we feel it is and dispel a few concepts about what it is not. It may be defined as a process by which a person changes consciousness in whatever way suitable for them. It also is all about God (or knowing our true self), about our spiritual journey towards what we seek and about all things which cannot be easily explained in our physical realm.

Inherently we all have a spark that when ignited at the right time, lights up like a beacon. A light-house of hope guiding not only our path but our loved-ones also. Those with higher consciousness, let’s say a messenger/master/profit/guru/etc, would be considered light-houses of the truth since their light can guide the whole planet. Those of us in the stage of remembrance, or uplifting our own consciousness are more like candles in the midst. Yet when many candles join force, it can be very powerful. Even NASA can record the light of one candle from the moon, so each of us regardless of our spirituality is important. We are holders of the light.

And then there are torch bearers, practitioners of a real method and real guru who have attained a level of understanding beyond the norm. These type of people are more common than we think, they are all around us disguised as ordinary citizens. Perhaps you know a few!

This is a list of what spirituality is not. Its only here for reference, so you understand where we are coming from, our spiritualism.

Spirituality is not

  • the same for everyone, even those that are spiritual
  • restricted to a single religion, method, doctrine or dogma
  • rigid, judgemental or punishing
  • restricted to the upliftment of a person’s soul
  • restricted to something related to God, Allah, our soul, or any divine-being

Now that we can better understand spiritualism, we can try to define what is Spirituality –

  • a journey or self-awakening of each person’s spirit that individually guides them on a path to remember who they are, how great they are and whence they came from
  • to unite with the united, and know that you are united
  • the adventure of our lifetime and a meditation-yoga on life itself
  • the way to self-realization, self-love and self discovery
  • a personal journey, not a destination, not just something we must attain
  • something we already have but forgotten
  • the  birthright for all souls
  • a means to expand our comfort zone, to change ourselves and grow for the betterment of ourselves and others
  • an inner longing to fill a void we have within
  • an unwinding of concepts (like removing layers of an onion) until we reach our pure core, which already has the wisdom and knowledge we seek
  • when our greater expansive self awakens yet allows us the freedom of living but in bliss. This is spirituality in motion
During the process of discovering what is spirituality, we may ask all sorts of questions such as those below. It’s a natural process to find ourselves, yet again, and be happy with our own lives and where we are on our road to ultimate happiness with ourselves and our lives.

Hopefully now you have a good idea of what is spirituality, and what spirituality means for you.