What is Compassion | Heart of Love

Compassion for all beings begins on our plate. When our love expands


What is Compassion or a Heart of Love

Compassion for others. Compassion starts when our heart begins to open and we feel the suffering of others or have some empathy with their difficult life, compassion for all is a heart of love. As our love peaks we become compassionate towards all beings and often sacrifice our own lives or comfort in some way for others. What is Compassion ? The divine nature of our soul which feels the pain of others, to go against it causes a sort of inner conflict that will manifest in a guilty feeling.

Compassion for animals. What is the difference between a dog, pig, cat or chicken? Only our minds or society tell us one is a pet, and the other is food. Even though a piglet is supposed to have the intelligence of a 3-year-old making it more child-like than a dog, society will happily munch on bacon then scorn nations that eat dog or skin cats.

But actually all animals are equal in the eyes of God, to be loved and cherished by humans for the countless blessings they bestow upon us. When we truly understand the deep meaning of the word “compassion” it will be impossible to eat (even indirectly by supporting butchers who do the killing or meat restaurants) any living creature. Why, because love unites creation, we are all one, we are connected, when we understand spirituality who we really are, then killing another is just like killing ourselves.

It is true animals benefit from being eaten by us, they (at the soul level) even agree to it. But the issue is not them, it is us. What is our level of civilisation or humanity, where is our compassion and humane spirit. When we know what happens in factory farms, when we know the fear animals go through just before death and their pain in captivity and being brought to slaughter. When we know all this and still kill them and package the flesh to hide the guilt, it is a sign of our level of consciousness and that we do not yet have a heart of love.

International compassion. One of the most heart-warming new age (well, it’s always been part of the human trait but now more recognized due to media) methods which has blessed our planet in the last century is the re-birthing and growth of international compassion. It manifests in many ways, through sharing our love and wealth, helping others, caring for the needy and in-firmed and assisting the planet in humanitarian ways.  The real beauty of international compassion is that this heart of love shown in action is for all beings, not just humans.

Charitable trusts, foundations established to help the poor, animal welfare groups, good Samaritans, and many more groups/individuals are now common place. At last a critical mass of higher consciousness has ignited and so our world is being uplifted by the love of these groups and the spark of empathy they ignite in society. We are indeed blessed to live in this era of international compassion.

Spiritually, the growth path of those practising the heart of love method called compassion is infinite; God is love and we are God. And heaven knows that what we do to others, God will do for us. Give love, and we will receive much more in return.

Compassion invokes our most noble qualities, Godly qualities because Love is what we really are. The more we share it, the greater we become until we become whole again…like the almighty. It’s why masters advise their disciples to practice karma yoga; selfless service to others to burn off bad karma and create good merit.

Love is the foundation of life, of living and of divine light. The more we have, the more we share, the more we give then the closer we are to being who really we are. Why? It expands our consciousness, we grow from the small self to the whole because at a deep subconscious level, we recognize all are one and thus we are only helping/giving to ourselves.

Humanitarianism (compassion in action; or when our mind listens to our heart

Humanitarian deeds include sponsoring children

A child in need. Giving, Sharing, Sponsoring are acts of compassion. Helping the poor, the hungry and in times of need are all acts of Humanitarianism.


A child in need. The industrial age has seen the growth of corporates bigger than most small nations on Earth, like (Apple, Chevron, Google, etc). It has also seen the spectacular growth of Humanitarianism with Billion dollar organizations helping the needy. Apart from the United Nations offshoots, NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), Mega foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (that collects Billions from the most wealthy Billionaires on the planet), and countless charities such as World Vision, Save the Children, etc exist and their sole function is to collect money from the rich and distribute it to the poor; akin Robin Hood but on a much bigger scale.

In addition, most countries give a percentage of their income to assist other nations. When we hear about disasters is saddens our heart, but when we hear about how much money is collected to rebuild then it revives our faith in humanity and truly touches our hearts. So even disasters come with hidden blessings.

Even though suffering is bad, it can bring out the best in the human spirit. Maybe that’s why bad things must happen, so as to remind us of

  • how fragile life is, so appreciate it, be grateful for it, and live it whole-heartedly
  • freedom can only be found in the soul, not the body
  • God and why we were created