Walls of Jericho


Walls of Jericho

What think thee of the Middle East, what gives with all the war and hate that never dissipates!
How long has this gone on for the Jews and their crew, an eternity it seems without an end in sight.
The alpha and omega of war engraved by the sweat blood and tears where the forsaken lay.

Standing firm and tall long ago, was a wall of stone – in a baron and blown land known as Jericho.
4000 years of wars ago, the Bible does state the first conquest of the Israelites.
Joshua did speak to some God above, telling him to kill and plunder like a crazed man asunder.

For 7 days they circled around, blowing their trumpet and sounding totally bonkers.
Priests they had with egos so great, the walls came tumbling down set by their fate.
The city was ready to rape; laid ruin was she with only one woman set free.

Ask yourself what sort of God did this?
Now do you understand why the Arabs are enraged?
Not just because of Jericho, but many tales in the name of God where his chosen few did no wrong.
The stone walls may have fallen, but the real walls of hate are still rising to date.
So deep is the hate, so deep are the scares it’s no wonder peace can never be found.

It’s all karma you say that keeps them at bay. Both sides of the fence have issues alright!
So remove the fence, remove the wall, and let them share the land like we did long before.

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