Same-sex marriage

Is Same sex marriage right or wrong


Same sex marriage is for some, but not for all!


Homosexuals (gays and lesbians) have truly come out of the closet to battle for their right to be recognised as in a bona fide relationship and thus have same-sex marriage. This has caused division between religious and secular groups.

So what exactly is right or wrong with same-sex marriage?

From a spiritual point of view, the words same or marriage are fine. But the word sex has issues. Perhaps that’s why same-sex marriage is causing the community to divide.

Marriage can be defined in many ways, for our discussion lets consider two

  1. To continue the human species (populate the planet) by having children
  2. To love and care for each other, in sickness and in health, in youth and old-age until death. In even after death, perhaps to be with each other for eternity in the life after.

Legal advocates say that gays cannot have children and thus cannot be married. But they forget that a couple does not need to be married to have children and populate the earth, hence the argument is invalid.

Homosexuals talks about loving each other like heterosexual couples, but unfortunately the sanctimony of opposite sex marriage is not what is used to be. Often relationships are short and not even sweet.

So what gives?

In theory, love is all there is and all that should be considered.

Regardless of same-sex marriage or not (which by the way is only a piece of paper since many states now recognise any type of couple as legal defacto with the same rights as married couples) two humans that truly love each other and want to grow old together should be allowed to live a life of love. What they do in the bedroom is not our business as long as it does not harm others and also should be in moderation so the love part of the relationship grows and not the physical aspect.

The key metric is love, not sex. If a couple don’t love each other (even man & woman), putting them in marriage is asking for trouble; not just for them but their family, children and ultimately society has to pay the costs of unloved children, domestic violence, divorce, etc.

This issue is very much overrated. Both by religious groups such as Christians who see it against their faith and homosexuals who want recognition of their love. Both are wrong and total nonsense. Both has missed the bigger picture of same-sex marriage, that is God is Love, not sex. Love is not quantified, certified or ratified. Love is love and love just is. Is in our hearts and deep within our souls. Sole or with a soul-mate, we are love personified waiting to rediscover ourselves.

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