What is Religion

Symbols for the main Religions Of The World

Symbols of the religions of the world

What is Religion, the dictionary says it’s the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power. Well, that’s partially right, religion certainly likes to control.

Religions, as good as they are to help people and provide morality in society; are actually just the leftover crumbs of the original method taught by the master of the religion; when the master was still alive. Few if any master actually started the religion, mostly it was their unenlightened followers out of respect and desire for power/control. Regardless of what ‘ism’ you follow, that is the truth. Please allow us to explain before opening a Jihad against us.

The Supreme Being, God almighty or Allah, is a power not a personage (most people would probably agree on that statement). This power however, is not tangible for humans so must manifest in a physical form called a messenger, master, guru, avatar or prophet. Here is where most would not agree, there is not just one, there are many, and they were born over all over the world and continue to come; like an underground river popping up here and there and creating a new religion or ‘ism’ in their wake.

When here, these great sage’s represent the supreme. After death, the body or movement they started is no longer empowered (there may be a period of a few hundred years where their blessing continues, but essentially they cannot be of much help). Ask yourself this, if you need help from a doctor which is more useful, a living one or dead-one from a book or hearsay?

What actually occurs in the religion is that the followers of the original living master were very sincere and had real experiences due to physical proximity with the real living master, so started writing about the master.  After many generations the story gets bigger and diluted (due to poor memory or over exaggeration) until the negative power distorts the true teachings of the original master enough to trap newbies into thinking that master was the only one, and the best.

Not only that, but somehow the holy books also state other religions are fake and should be avoided. There are still traces of truth in all the holy books, but only a living master can separate truth from fiction and remind us of the ultimate truths and holy dharma.

What is wrong with religion, see here. Most spiritual people take their first baby step inside a religion, then seek more answers as they mature. So religion has great purpose, but we must use our wisdom to see what works and what does not. If God intended religion to be the ultimate step the all religious persons should have peace and be in bliss – right? Well, that’s not the case so something is amiss.

So what is religion, it is a starting point to understand that there is something out there which cannot be seen yet is deep within our being, call it a God or higher power or anything else. Religion has been the stepping stone for many a great past-master. But it has never been the end-point. True living masters always teach the holy dharma to their followers as they wish to give them the best they have, not second-hand poorly translated and human-edited text.