Where to find love


Where to find love? These days the internet is abound with endless match making sites for every age group, sexual preference, career type, diet, and spiritual inclination. But there is no match for spiritual practice and the law of attraction.


All the old methods of finding our soul mate still works and these days we also have the internet with its endless social media links and sites selling match making or dating services. But we must ask a few questions, like why have these started? Whats happened to us as a society that we no longer mingle as human beings instead rely on social-media machines to ‘friend’ or connect us.

The real way to find love is to improve ourselves spiritually, raise our vibration and nobility so we attract a higher calibre of soul mate.

Have you ever heard the expressions like attracts like, or opposites attract, or love conquers everything, etc, etc. Seems we have so many sayings, and all have some merit.

If we look at people who have made it in society, famous, powerful or rich; they have something others don’t which attracts the opposite sex who wants it. The more they have, the more others want it.

Spiritually its the same. Our essence is love, we all want it – without exception. If a person has it, lots of it, like past masters (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc) then they will have countless followers. Lord Krishna takes the record, he had 16000 wives, but they were more like disciples otherwise he would not have time to be the Lord 😆 )

The principle is the same, Love, the finer higher vibration will attract people to us. The more we practice and the more we wish to escape the bounds of Maya, then the greater will be the attraction. Somehow people will just come into our lives, no need 10,000 on-line accounts and blind dates.

For those who do not wish to practice spiritually, then the dating game is also possible, but try to set your standards higher. Not on physical appearance or wealth but in character, someone more noble and whom could help you spiritually. Otherwise if it’s just physical, then it will not last. Love and lust are very close up front; in the long-term love will outlast as lust fades into the shadows.

Now the magic answer, Where to find true love – look within yourself. How do you do that, see here. Love starts within you, first you learn to love yourself then loving others will come easy. If you cannot love yourself, your subconscious will always have doubt that another could love you. That doubt may build and kill your relationship.

Here is a list of a few online sites which can help, but don’t forget hobby clubs, supermarkets & shopping, friends, social media, walking the dog, etc

Spiritual sites

  • www.spiritualsingles.com; “This is a great site since this is said to be the largest spiritual dating site these days.Being the largest site there are also a lot of members which means better chances. There will be greater possibility for you to meet your match in this site.”
  • www.spiritualpassions.com;“This is a site where spiritual people go, so you will definitely meet a lot of people like you. The Spiritual Passions site is really very nice since everybody can have a chance to meet with people with the same goal and understanding. It is easy to sign up and be a member of this dating site.”
  • www.spiritualromance.com; “This is a site that you will be able to build meaningful relationship. You will not just find a date her but tons of friends as well. An ideal site for spiritual people who are looking for love.”
  • www.kindredspiritsingles.co.uk
  • www.free-mind-body-spirit.com/spiritualdating.html
  • www.singlesites.com/Spiritual_Dating.htm
  • www.theosera.com