What is karma | Law of Karma

Law of Karma, what is karma

Whatever we do returns to us like a reflection; that’s the law if karma

What is Karma or the Law of Karma

Karma (a Sanskrit word) is the script of life. Once we are born we all play acting roles in a giant stage called creation. Each one of us is like an actor and what happens to our character goes by the script we must follow. This script you may call destiny but it’s actually the universal law of cause and effect we are bound to; the law of karma which states that what we do to others, will be done on to us. That’s what is karma.

Note: we can have good karma, although the world is mostly used to refer to a burden or debt. We can also have object karma, like good car-buying-karma, bad parking-karma, good life-karma, bad relationship-karma, etc.

Many masters say life is just a stage, don’t take it so seriously. At the end of the play we are all friends again, enemies in character, lovers out of character. These characters in the play are karmic-ally made, they have no choice but to do as written; but the real soul behind the actor has done nothing wrong and is still pure. That is what is called the soul. God is looking at the play, is the author, creator, producer and director; and also is the one playing all the parts. That’s a big job, which is why God made us and used karma as a tool to make everything work. So what is karma, its beautiful at the soul level; ugly at the physical level.

How does karma work

Let’s look at a family that earns $50,000 but spends $51,000. The shortfall is not much and goes on credit card. $1,000 incurs $100 interest, so the next year the family earns a little more due to inflation, $50,500 and spends $51,550 but with interest added, so becomes $51,655. Now the debt they owe is $1,100 + $1,215 = $2,315, and the interest for the next year continues to climb. Can you see what is going on? Eventually, the interest payment becomes a large chunk of the spending power thus reducing their quality of life, reducing their choices. Year by year they have less free will to spend as they wish since their spending power must be used to repay debt until eventually they become insolvent. No free will.

Karma is the same. Originally we did not have bad-karma like now, we had good-karma. We had roles. As we experienced creation we slowly did things against the moral code of the universe, things like hurting others, adultery, killing, stealing, etc. Each one of those had a retribution waiting in the next incarnation. Over many lives, we’ve done more and more bad things until our life now is no longer ours, it’s just a series of karmic debts we must repay.

Proof of karma in religions

In Christianity, it’s known as whatever we sow, so we shall reap; or an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Original sin also refers to the karma we are born with. However, Christianity reject the concept of reincarnation, they say original sin is what humans are born with, some say from Adam/Eve. By denying reincarnation it leaves many holes in their concept of Gods love and mercy, such as why abortion exists or infants are born with disabilities. 

In Islam, the circle of life, death & being reborn is supported as per this quote “”Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of that the hands of men have earned, that (God) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from Evil).  (The Noble Quran, 30:41)”. It refers more to retribution, but that can only happen in another life as most bad-deeds by most people go without punishment in this life.

Since pretty much all eastern religions (including Buddhism, Hinduism, etc) have roots in ancient Indian mysticism, they all follow this quote from the Buddha  “So, Ananda, there is karma that is incapable (of good result) and appears incapable (of good result); there is karma that is incapable (of good result) and appears capable (of good result); there is karma that is capable (of good result) and appears capable (of good result); there is karma that is capable (of good result) and appears incapable (of good result).”  Wow, what a mouthful in typical Buddhist tradition. It simple means karma returns in many forms.

Why was karma made?

Above the law of retribution is the contract souls make to help each other achieve their mission within creation, please read this section, what is the meaning of life.

That is why we say even bad karma has a blessing behind it. In many cases to remind us to return to spirituality.

What are the categories of karma?

We don’t just have our own karma, life is much more complicated. Here are a few of the main categories

  • Personal karma – as defined already. Relates to an individual’s karma that they must endure irrespective of others. In some cases a personal karma may also be shared with loved ones. For example, if a person is sick due to karma, then loved ones will also be burdened somehow and have to feel the suffering.
  • Shared karma – this karma activates when we are in a relationship with another or perhaps a group of people. For example, a car load of people dying in a crash would be considered shared karma. Employees losing their jobs would be considered shared karma.
  • Collective karma – these refers to a significant group of people. Could be a city, country or planet. For example, if a city vote for a lousy mayor which ruins the town, the whole city has collective karma due to voting. Even those not voting shares the collective karma, its in the air. If the whole planet thinks negative, abuses our natural resources and create anger; then we are building up collective karma in the ether, which one day must be removed by some natural disaster.
  • Universal karma – being human and part of creation requires karma to live, to be born. It’s the karma we had to begin the play of life.

Why does God do all this karma stuff?

Another common question asked is why God almighty who is supposed to be love personified do this to us. Well, it’s not God almighty, it’s our own desire stemming from our own actions because we have choice, we have free will to do good or bad. The law of karma is implemented by the lord of karma who has a special boon from God, in order to keep the play of life going. To keep the illusion of separation in motion.That’s what is karma for.

For example, if we have rich parents that are always away working so they assign a nanny to care for us. The nanny has no control, so asks permission from the parents to discipline us. When we parents are away, she smacks us when we are naughty and we repel…screaming.

Our world may seem tormented and we no longer like our home, so then we think of our parents and call them for help. It’s a bit like that, the Maya is our nanny. But we can go back to the father just by remembering we do have one. A messenger or master sent by dad (our father) does make the process much easier.

So often, suffering is a blessing helping us to remember God. To go back to the noble path, of who were really are and come from. Now do you understand what is karma?