How to progress

How to make quick spiritual progress

Just follow the light and climb as quickly as you want!


How to progress spiritually, and quickly!

We are all mostly waking on the same path and looking in the same direction. Some like to Chilax, some like to run like the wind. Based on our spiritual fitness (that is, our purity and sincerity) each of us determines our own level and speed of attainment.

Have you ever seen the dedication of top-level athletes? What percentage of their day do you estimate they spend on their chosen path? The best would be %100. They not only train physically, but eat according to their ambition and have their goal always in their mind. Even their dreams would reflect what they most desire.

Now look at us, mostly the world is made of religious people who go to church/temple/mosque weekly (if at all) and still complain  😆   Some may pray a few minutes per day, some worship deities daily, some meditate or do yoga for a short while daily.

How to progress? It’s not a question of what spirituality has to offer it’s more a question of what are we willing to put into it. What effort are we willing to sacrifice, if we can call it that, to obtain the ultimate truth. The effort, or the striving dictates how quickly we can make spiritual progress

Ever heard the expression “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas A. Edison.

That statement says it all. The more we put in, the more we get out. God is there waiting for us, willing to walk 100 steps for every step we take. But if we don’t walk, well…

Our level is not important, it only accounts for the one percent. Our effort is important, it accounts for the ninety-nine percent.

Even within our education system, regardless of how good a school or teacher is, if the student is lousy then no result. So when we practice spiritually, we as students need to do our homework. The teacher speeds our progress, the school shows the way, but we must pass the exams by ourselves. Unfortunately cheating doesn’t work in the spiritual kingdom.

How to Progress

Here are some key ingredients which will help to know God and make quick progress.

  • Want it – Whatever it is you seek, be it God realization, happiness or enlightenment. If you want something, you will strive for it. Sacrifice for it. The degree of how much you want something is determined not by what you think or say, but what you do. Be congruent in your desire, make your thought, speech and action the same. Show that you want it by giving your all…the ninety-nine percent effort.
  • Remember it – If you want something, think about it always…in all ways. Make it your meditation. Work meditation, play meditation, eating meditation, sleeping meditation and focused meditation. For example, if we want God, then see God in everything at every moment. See the beauty of the sky, the value of air, the radiance of a flower, the magic of life. Everything was created with purpose, see who the creator of creation is within all things.
  • Sincerity – if we tell our spouse ‘I love you’ leaving for work in the morning, then check out the talent in the office, the ‘love’ mentioned is debatable.  It was just a word said from habit with no value inside. So sincerity is when we say or do something with real intent, with real value embedded within. It’s not something easy to measure as each person is different and what each can do according to their karma is also different. If a billionaire gives 1 million dollars, it may have no value. If a beggar gives 1 dollar, it may touch Heavens heart and give countless blessings.
  • Humility – Ask yourself a few simple questions, who is the doer? Is it you or a greater power. Who is responsible for the world, is it your mind or the lord of karma? In a company, is the CEO more valuable than the shop floor worker – yes, in terms of their roles in the company. The worker is a pawn compared to the CEO, whom maybe considered like the queen (if you play chess). So, what is there to be proud about? Whatever we do, achieve or whatever talent we have – someone else is better, or will be. It’s the nature of this world, everything is temporary and we are only guests here. So when we do things, do it for a greater cause, think of the greater power behind it and offer your service to that power. When we develop this habit, humility will enter our being. The problem with not being humble is too much identification with the ego, the small self. This stunts our growth and makes us small. If we let go of the ego, then we become truly great.
  • Gratitude – last but not least and perhaps the most important. The more grateful we are for whatever comes into our lives, the more the universe will reward us. It’s because with gratitude comes faith and belief. We trust and we know. Without gratitude, for example complaining or praying for a different solution, it shows we think we know better than creation. So be grateful, even for negative outcomes, even if we are victims of crime – anything and everything. Just like Jesus offered his right cheek when someone slapped his left. We are responsible for everything that happens to us, it’s our choice at some level of consciousness. When we are grateful, it shows how enlightened we are. Even if something happens to us, so what? This is not our home, why lose our dignity over something not even real. We are more than what we experience.

There are also 8 key secrets to success in how to progress, which works for all desires including spiritual growth. You may find these also useful (utilize whatever you feel works for you)

  • Desire (be passionate about your desire)
  • Work (ninety-nine percent of your time should be spent here)
  • Concentrate (put what you want in your mind, focus on it always and make it a meditation. Live it, eat with it, sleep with it)
  • Continue (don’t let anything stop you, push your way through obstacles like a steam train)
  • Creativity (come up with new ideas to propel you)
  • Improve (what you have done, come up with new ways to improve it)
  • Selflessness (serve others, what you give will come back many fold)
  • Persistence (don’t let setbacks stop you, It may take several attempts but success is assured)


What is there at the top to bother about anyway?  Enlightenment!