Nature spirit | Nature Deva

Spirit of Nature is Beautiful, Wild and Alive; graced by Deva's

Spirit of Nature is Beautiful, Wild, Alive, Invigorating and takes us back to our Primaeval roots

The Miracle of the Nature spirit or Nature Deva

Getting in touch with the nature spirit is not a new age method, prior to the industrial revolution most of humanity lived sustainably in small communities, utilizing knowledge about nature handed down from generation to generation. After people started living in cities, we lost sight of how important it the connection was instead focusing on career and money. Now, many people realize the mistake and are trying to re-connect with themselves through the nature spirit/nature deva.

There is no limit to how we can interact with Gods magnificent creation; only our imagination limits us. We all know what it means to have a relationship with nature, the good news is that there are many techniques to do that. Some of the nature methods include (but not limited to) the following

  • Nature spirituality or Shamanism refers to the relationship indigenous natives have with Mother Nature. This is the religion of Native American Indians, aboriginals, and animists.  The connection is part of the culture, and life must be in harmony or balance with the environment. Typically the tribes had wise women or men in positions of responsibility. Many of these communities had a matriarchal system where women were responsible for the well-being of the people. This type of method also respects nature spirit’s (the devas) which reside in large natural structures such as mountains, the sun, and moon etc., similar to Shintoism, but the objects are more significant. The essence of the method is to pay respect to these lower gods, or deities, and be grateful for what they provide. Respect means to live in harmony with them, not take too much out and revere nature for what it is. It is one reason indigenous people do not like mining.
  • Nature conservancy refers to taking care of the planet to prevent global warming and environmental devastation/pollution. We don’t need to worry about religion, philosophy, doctrines or complicated theories. Look at the animals in trouble due to the changes we humans have caused within the planet. By being frugal with Earths resources, and striving to do our part to prevent climate change, we will all continue to share our Earthly home; after all it’s the only one we have. By saving animals and the planet, we also save ourselves and save our souls. Because we put our compassion into action and so our consciousness expands to encompass the whole.

    When we are considerate, we are making a statement of who we are. What’s the best and easiest way to protect nature at a personal level? So simple, just be vegetarian. That stops the clearing of forests for grazing and the growing of crops for animals-feed. Most of the land cleared in the Amazon today is to grow Soy to feed animals, breed for human consumption. Sure we can arrange petitions and protests, but they all take time to have result. In the free world market forces work rapidly. If we cut demand of animal products, then trees will not be cut since it no longer makes business sense.

    “For the first time since the dinosaurs disappeared, humans are driving animals and plants to extinction faster than new species can evolve, one of the world’s experts on biodiversity (ICUN) has warned. Conservation experts have already signalled that the world is in the grip of the “sixth great extinction” of species, driven by the destruction of natural habitats, hunting, the spread of alien predators and disease, and climate change.”

  • Walking during sunrise or sunset or a walk in the park or along a waterway during the most sacred times of the day, and look into the sun if you feel comfortable (within 30 minutes of sunrise/sunset is perfectly safe). Enjoy the magic, the miracle of life and thank the universe for its creation. Be grateful for what you are seeing.  Sunrise represents birth and time to awaken, sunset represents the time to let go, rest and get ready to re-create. Normally, sunrises has a greater spiritual effect because the mind is calmer during a good night’s sleep. What is the effect? You will see changes in your life due to a subtle awakening within your soul. You will see things differently and become softer. It’s a stepping stone on a path towards knowing.
  • Gardening, landscaping – many a gardener will tell you there is nothing better than hoeing into the garden. It’s not the work, it’s the meditation. Apart from feeling the earth with our hands, we focus on creating life and beautifying part of the planet. The real benefit is the joy we get from doing something we love, and the focus or concentration in the job makes us forget everything else if life, for a while. When we do something always remember who is the creator; that will make us grateful for the privilege of being able to do it. When creating, feel humble and imagine your part of creation repeated, like a ripple effect, all over the world making our planet Heaven. This will help to open your consciousness, connecting you with the whole.
  • Take a walk or go hiking anywhere in nature and feel the divine blessing enter your being. The breeze, trees, grass, birds, animals are all here to bless us, to make life so vivid, varied and interesting. The boundless array of species pleases our eyes, enlivens our senses and uplifts our souls. We can only be in awe of creation when witnessing the splendor of the Earth. Behind that awe is gratitude, deep profound thanks to the creator for making our planet so beautiful. With that thought, the Heavens open their doors to you and will offer more of what pleases you. Because you appreciate creation, creation will appreciate you. The more our consciousness expands, the greater we become. It’s a simple way to walk the spiritual path, on your journey to self-awareness.
  • Be in awe of the magnificence and beauty of creation – visit a great site such as one of the wonders of the world or even a holy place like temple or church. Feel the vibes, feel the atmosphere of the people who came before you, feel what ambience the vibration of collective thought has left, feel the presence of a higher power. Let that feeling expand through your body and really feel it deep down in your core, look within yourself and ask yourself what is this feeling, this sensation. Then decide what the sensation means to you, how you feel about the awesomeness of where you are and the awesomeness of the power which created it. It could be Mother Nature or visionary architect. But behind the mechanical means, look at the power behind and be in awe of the true greatness of the creator. Such feeling will help to open your heart and mind.
  • Revel in the elements, let raindrops touch your skin so the blessings from Heaven can touch your soul, feel the breeze through your hair and imagine the power of nature which flows all over the world touch every corner of the planet. Watch lightning or the aurora borealis and imagine the light from God come down to enliven the Earth and invigorate the air. Imagine the blessings raining down from Heaven falling on all equally and without judgment. Then take that thought and extend it to your own life, feel the blessings which come into your life daily in the form of angels coming to teach us, and in the form of wisdom to do what is right at the right time. Let the moment exist eternally, allowing the now to expand your consciousness with it.
  • Walk barefoot– if animals can be so connected to nature, why can’t we. Whenever it’s safe, leave your shoes behind and re-connect with nature. Feel the ground, listen to the Earth just like horses or other animals do. Through the connection, be one with all and immerse yourself in the unity of all beings. What is the Earth saying, ponder on it! Is the area in harmony or pain, think about it, feel it! Be in tune with the area, then expand your consciousness to a greater you. A part of the whole.
  • Marvel at the seasons – ever really looked at the changing seasons. It’s not just summer/winter or Autumn/Spring. Look deeper, what does each have for us, what do they represent to you? Spring into life for example, awakening from a deep sleep and new beginning. Summer is fun in the sun, time to be youthful and be born anew. Autumn reflects change from rapid growth to a life-sustaining level. Winter is sleep, resting and recharging ready for new life. Each of us, depending on where we live, will see the different effects of the seasons. Some more welcoming than others, but each season has an effect on our spirituality, just like day & night does. How does that change effect you? Do you have a time of year where it’s easier to practice enabling you to focus more time and energy on?  As with all things, the changing seasons give us the opportunity to be grateful for diversity, to be grateful to be alive and living the magic of each wonderland. That gratefulness and life lived based on seasons can help propel our spirituality and let it mature due to the rounding effect of experiencing life under different conditions.
  • Relax under a tree, or hug a tree – the Buddha meditated under a bodhi-tree for 49 days, more recently the Nepali Buddha boy Ram Bahadur meditated for months inside the hollow of a tree. We don’t need to be so extreme, but a few hours every now and again can be of great benefit. A tree is solid and well grounded; it has roots into the Earth, literally and spiritually. So, if we hang around it then some of that grounding will come to us. It acts like a channel, lovingly sharing the Earths serenity. It may be the reason so many people like to hug trees or just lay under the shade it provides. Every tree is an oasis in itself, it’s there to shield us, cool us, and protect us from the elements. Trees feed us and allow us to breath; they are humble servants of humanity. It’s that humbleness that empowers them with something sacred, simple and serene. How to hug a tree? Sounds pretty simple, and it is. Just a few things to note, trees resonant differently so by walking in a forest you may feel more affinity with one than another – based on your mood and what you need to extract from the tree. They are ready to share their life-force to you.
  • Spirituality of water – Our planet is covered with about 70% water. Our body is about 70% water; bit of a coincidence? Water is essential for life, in all forms. We are basically walking water bottles, in harmony with other water bodies. We align to oceans because of our composition, and we resonate with the Earth because we are both 70 percent filled with water! Large bodies of water have profound effects on us, perhaps a little differently for each person, but each would feel something. The magic of the water cools us, calms us, impresses us, entertains us, and revitalizes us. Water purifies us physically, just like spirituality purifies our soul. Water keeps us alive, just like spirituality gives us purpose to live. Blue is the color of large water bodies, blue is the spiritual color. Calm is the ocean, serenity is the soul. Life on earth started from the sea, life within our body starts with the soul.  The almighty can be considered like the ocean, each of us like a drop in the ocean. Individual yet when merged, indistinguishable. When you see water, imagine that you are merged into oneness with the all. Let your consciousness expand to encompass all the creation. Start with the water near you, then look out unto the horizon – as you do, expand your awareness until you are as great as the ocean.
  • Meditation – find a spot, trickling stream, rock in the woods or along the shore, under a tree or in a tree-house. Find places in nature where you cannot be disturbed by people, then go within and practice your meditation method. Let the birds and wind take you to a state of silence and solitude. If you are not used to insects, bring a net or repellent first.
  • See God in everything, the real essence of all these methods is to believe at a deep level, that God exists in everything, is behind everything and thus be eternally grateful for all before us. Be like a child and find joy in being outdoors. Use your imagination, be creative and just enjoy being in nature in your own way.
To see the nature spirit, nature deva (devas) is not so difficult. First be at peace with yourself, then with the surroundings. Sit and be still and you will feel it. Some see them, but to feel or sense their presence is also a way of seeing.