What is prayer

What is Prayer, how do we pray sincerely

Mother and child share love through Prayer to God

What is prayer

Prayer is how we communicate with the most high, the highest power we believe in. Call it God almighty, Allah, Jehovah, the Supreme Being, or perhaps your masters’ name.  It’s a very personal conversation asking for help, to improve our faith or give us strength at a time of need. Mostly it’s one way but we do get replies, especially if we’ve been taught how to listen.  That’s what is prayer.

What is prayer? Prayer is like sending an email and waiting for a reply. Because the almighty is omnipotent and omnipresent, the whole world population can pray and be answered simultaneously, and even more amazing also be responded to individually. Each reply will be according to the concept and consciousness of the person praying. Even though two people have exactly the same reply, they may get opposite answers.

Sincerity (emotion) and merit make prayers work, emotion is the current which delivers the message. When we are in need and become emotional, that state makes us want God and hence creates a good connection for the prayer to be sent. If we practice spiritually and generate good merit, then angels can help to deliver our message. If we have a guru, then our message can also be conveyed to God through the master power.

Prayer often works better if we feel good about who we are and what we’ve done. If we make a mistake and repent, Heaven knows. If we repeat the same mistake knowingly, with malice, Heaven also knows. We cannot hide our thoughts, speech or actions…it’s in our aura, our vibration. It’s written all over our face and in our spiritual profile. The response we get from our prayers is in accordance to our vibration and sincerity. Not because God hates us, but because our channel is contaminated. God loves us unconditionally. it’s us that judge ourselves and think God has made a mistake creating us the way we are.

For some reason most religious people think God is stupid, deaf and suffers from memory loss. It’s not really their fault as that’s how they were taught. They repeat the same prayer over and over again, each time with less faith. That is a prime example of how not to develop a working relationship with God.

We need to have faith, to ask for help is fine; then relax and let God work on it according to our karma. Instead, people are too demanding behaving as if God has failed in creating the world, or worse still, has made mistakes. So they dictate exactly what has to happen in order for their lives to be better.

“Everything is perfect under the sun”, including all the problems in life. Our problems or suffering may be blessings in disguise. When we have true faith in God we will accept what presents itself before us. When we cannot cope, then prayer works very well. When we complain about our life, it may not work as well.

We are masters of our own lives, we are responsible for our own lives. We need to resolve our issues and just know very deeply that God is with us, walking along-side. For God to walk for us would defeat the purpose of life. Instead God is there and will carry us in times of need, but wants us to walk the path

There is a beautiful story of a master & disciple. The disciple told the master she often saw visions with two pairs of footsteps in the sand, except when she was sick; then she only saw one and was sad God left her alone because she could not practice. The master said, “you idiot”, that one footstep was God carrying you when you could not walk.

Now you know what is prayer, if interested please also see how to pray, types of prayers, and the best prayer.