Soul mate | Twin flame



A soul mate is not defined by how strong the initial attraction but by how long and how deep the Love with your twin flame lasts

The terms Soul mate, Twin flame or Twin soul have truly been misused, some people believe their soul was somehow split and a twin soul mate is the other half of them, a soul mate which completes them. Well, that’s not true but it’s not false. The almighty split itself into souls (actually souls don’t even exist as they are also part of the illusionary creation), but a soul has not split itself into smaller pieces like a twin flame. What can happen is the consciousness of a soul can be diluted somewhat, for example a human is the crown of creation; we need a certain amount of consciousness to manifest. But a blade of grass does not need so much, yet still has consciousness and can develop itself into a human (after a very long time).

Most people would like to believe a soul mate is a person which brings us to life; makes life worth living, brings happiness and bliss. All those romantic ideals. And its true, at the beginning it is like that. Ideally though, your soul mate should be like the above picture; a person that can be with you until the end, still loving, still supporting and still your mate! In modern times where we choose our lover (some cultures still have arranged marriages) the percentage of successful human relationships bonded in love is much less than it should be.

Sadly to say, soul mates (we don’t just have one, we have many) are actually, well to be completely honest, mostly enemies from past lives. The stronger the first attraction, like love at first sight, the stronger the past connection which must be resolved now. Generally, if we don’t have good karma with a person or they don’t come to help us in some way, there is no need to be with them. For example if a student does art in University then why bother studying advanced physics; they can if they want but it serves no purpose for the career and wastes time. Human life is very precious and difficult to obtain so God arranges for us to use it in the most efficient way; to grow spiritually (via love) and to pay our karmic debts.

We’ve had so many lives and have so much karma with others that Heaven arranges for the most important to come first. So, if in one life we have an enemy then our karma will put us together in another life, in a family, marriage or deep relationship; in order to use love and forgiveness to erase the enmity between each other. Love is the ultimate law in the universe, it’s what we are, and it’s the reason we were born.

For example, if in one life we do wrong to another then since we are pure beings, something inside both of us will feel uncomfortable. Perhaps we feel remorse or sorry for the actions and this thought affects both parties. Next life, after the stubbornness and anger has long died along with the bodies, we feel a sudden need to express forgiveness. This comes out in the form of love, especially at first sight. We have no idea of the person since we’re in different bodies, but within ourselves we recognize something, perhaps like a strong feeling; a strong affinity and need to love them. That’s how relationships mostly work, it may sound bad but actually it is Heaven’s perfect arrangement.

So next time you meet your soul mate, look into their eyes and be honest with yourself. Try not to let the chemistry overwhelm you, which is easier said than done. God has arranged it this way to ensure so-called soul mates (twin flames) actually do get together and erase hatred using love. That’s why the initial attraction is so strong, and its also why our soul mate is the one person who can cause us the most pain (emotional pain). If you have any friends who have experienced a breakup with a twin flame, or perhaps yourself! You will understand this profoundly. If someone is not close to us they have little impact to our heart. But those in family or marriage have full access to our hearts so can do the most damage.

As many great sages have reminded us. Make your enemies your friends and friends your siblings. If we don’t do that then the lord of karma will force it upon us in the form of a soul mate or very close relation.

Just in case you did not understand, relationships are wonderful and highly recommended; how else would children be born? Only in a relationship can we demonstrate our love. No point being rich and not spending some of it, so even the spiritually rich like past great masters spent their blessings on their followers; that is love in action. If we have developed love within, then why not share the love and have it thoroughly tested!