Nutrition and Diet

Spiritual effect of Nutrition, Diet and the types of Food we eat

 Spirituality of Nutrition and Diet

Spirituality and science have not yet merged when it comes to nutrition and diet, sustaining the body of optimal use. The vast majority of people, scientific or not, believe the human body needs a certain amount of calories per day consisting of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They also believe the body can produce some things it needs from one element, but other things must be consumed. For example, with few exceptions, the body cannot manufacture or synthesize vitamins. They must be supplied by the diet or in dietary supplements.

Is it true? Must we eat and with so many conditions?  If we were to say no, the whole world would be against us, and lawsuits may follow. If we were to say yes (we do need food), we would not be telling the whole truth.

Yes, without question, we do need nutrition. But it does not need to come from food as we know it. A tree grows enormous from nutrition in the form of carbon-dioxide in the air. We cannot see it, only the end result. So why can’t there be something invisible from human vision to feed us as well?

Our Light body

In the pure spiritual kingdom they do not have a physical body so no need to eat. Their dream-like bodies are sustained by light. According to the Buddha, and repeated by several masters since, originally when we pure divine beings came here we did not eat, we had form (no gender) and were empowered by universal love in the ether. As time passed by  we started to enjoy our senses, we started to eat. Then became denser and denser until we finally arrived at the current human forms (male & female).

You can see this today by doing a simple test. Compare people who are obese heavy meat eaters with Vegans or fruitarians for example. Check their vibration and aura’s (can use Kirlian photography), if you are sensitive it’s a no brainer. The difference is nothing to do with the soul as all were born equal and are equal, it’s what has been put into the body via the mouth and ears (into the mind by what we hear).

The obese body forces its owner to think of it more as it limits freedom. A lean fit & healthy body can almost be ignored.

Another example are those doing a cleanse, especially water based. They say after not eating for a while they feel as if walking on air.

So nutrition and diet is essential. To enjoy the senses and physical body is one reason why we were born, but to abuse the temple of God (body) with poor nutrition and diet is not Ok.