Chanting | Meditation music

Chanting mantras are forms of meditation music

Chanting Mantras like Om helps to Awaken Kundalini and bring us peace


Chanting or meditation music

Chanting is simple, meditative and heart-opening. It enlivens us, uplifts us and can help to awaken us. With our voices silencing the mind we move deeper into the ever-present now, nourishing mind, body and spirit and nurturing the seeds of enlightenment within. By chanting with the tongue we purify our atmosphere and quiet the chatter of the mind, by chanting with the mind we reduce thoughts and enter a deep state of bliss transcending the body and worldly attachments.

Chanting mantras like Hare Krishna or the many Tibetan/Buddhist chants is a method of liberation to stay conscious of God and are used as meditation music while reciting/remembering the Lord. 

While chanting thoughts are banished. When thoughts are banished our vessel is empty ready to receive divine blessing. This is the real power of chanting a mantra.

A Mantra chanted correctly or even incorrectly can be very powerful, especially if personally given by a guru. Whether its knowingly or unknowingly, carefully or carelessly, it’s sure to produce a positive result for physical and mental well-being. It is also believed by many that the real benefit of Mantra chanting cannot be established through intellect and thinking. It can be experienced or realized only through devotional faith and constant repetition until it becomes part of our nature.

Mantra chanting can also be called Mantra Yoga. For example, by chanting the simple yet powerful Mantra, Om (Aum); it can harmonize our body, mind, emotions and intellect.  When this happens, we begin to feel like a complete beings – whole once more. The process is not quick so requires patience and unyielding faith.

Here is a common Buddhist chant praising Amitabha Buddha (Omito-Fo in Chinese)

  • Namo Omito-Fo – Recitation is one of the central practices of Pure Land Buddhism. It involves the concentrated and heartfelt repetitive recitation of “Namo Amitabha Buddha
          1. Namo Amituofo-Chant.mp3

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Hare Krishna Chanting

One of the most well-known chanting mantras today used as meditation music is the Hare Krishna mantra, made famous by ISKCON and also the song ‘Oh sweet lord’ by George Harrison. Check out his song here

Actually, any music which brings you peace and quietens the mind can be considered meditation music. Classical music such as the largo tempo has the ability to create alpha brain waves within us, allowing us to meditate better. Some people use the sound of ocean waves, of nature, or just some repetitive rhythm to numb the mind into silence. Anything that works is fine, but avoid music which brings out emotional responses