How to concentrate during meditation

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How to concentrate during meditation

Q:  I meditate for 30 minutes most days, but I find my mind gets very busy when I do this. Why is this? I thought meditation was meant to calm my mind.

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A: Dear James, its normal, that’s why spiritual practice is a way of life. Something we do every day until it becomes part of our being, then its easy. For example, if we are awake 2/3 of the day, it means 15.5hrs the mind is busy. So, for the precious 30 minutes that we try to sit, it just repeats what happened during the other 15.5 hrs. The solution, do your meditation first thing in the morning. Pray for help, and try to think of it as a joyful thing – that you look forward to – instead of something you have to do. These will help, but ultimately you need to discipline your thoughts and what you do during the day that provokes so much thought. So many things in the world influence us, such as TV or conflict with others. These leave lasting impressions on the mind, hence making it difficult to empty. Treat your thoughts like background noise, ignore them, don’t follow. When you see your mind wondering, pull it back to focus. Try these simple steps and let us know how you go.


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