Phantom limb grown back

Do you think it is really possible for a human body part to grown back, just like lizards or some reptiles can grown back their limbs/tail? Stem cell research along with military studies have shown that it not only is possible, it has been done! Scientific evidence indicates that humans have the potential for limb regeneration in our genes, but those genes are dormant in our bodies.

Phantom limb grown back!

This  article explains how our physical body is just a poor mirror of our pure and perfect astral body. Like many other amputees, this woman can feel here missing parts. Science says it’s an imprint left on the brain, which may be true, but there is something much greater.

Our astral body is perfect, its youthful and disease free. For example, if we die when we are 100 years old and go to the astral heaven then we will look as if we are in our 20’s; radiant beautiful and whole. Sounds a little bizarre, but that is our choice. In Heaven there is no need for form, just light-based bodies. So these light beings put themselves into any form they wish, so choose the last-life’s form. Why the best looking, simply because Heaven is perfect so each being imagines the most perfect version of themselves.

While we are on earth with a physical body (which is just a copy of the astral) many people who are sensitive can also feel our other esoteric bodies, astral, causal, etc. To them it feels like something is there, subtle but invisible. Some people can see it also. This woman can feel her missing parts. The sensation is very real because it is there in another realm. It can be regrown physically using stem cell technology (or certain sound vibrations) and the mind can be programmed to do whatever we wish, to remove the sensation or feel it even more.

Due to the amount of injuries during war, the military has done huge amounts of secret research on this topic; for the interest of veterans so they can go back into society without feeling a lesser person.

 So it looks like the article on Phantom limb grown back is actually feasible.

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