The birthday girl


The birthday girl

Oh Dear God its that day again, when the Earth was blessed with your birthing date.

How lucky we are to have such a girl, a priestess of soul, a princess of life.
A Brahman no less, a lover of life; one to smoother her love on all that pass.

What charm you bring to your kind, what love I feel from your smile.

All alone it seems you are on this day, yet ney I say, its not true.
So many hearts are with you –  Mom & Dad, brothers too – all I must say are with you.

In heart we are, in love you’ll find; a cast of family so divine.
And yes my dear so am I, a child so divine that just adores your smile.

Happy birthday sweet angel dear, may the Lords grace shine upon thee.
May all your wishes come true, may you soon see that all loves you.

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