(written during the May 2012 Earthquakes in the northern part of the nation)


buon giorno la mia Italia, che bellissima donna
how your tongue rhymes and life flows in perfect synchronicity

it’s no wonder Romeo met his Juliet in such a sacred land
where romance rules in all forms and tales

so sweet are your folks and so pure are their hearts
like no other you are a dream to wonder

struck down with thunder you rally the troops and unite without blunder
split asunder has left you in ruins but you bind and bind until the land is fine
small cracks appear but the people don’t disappear
no, instead they rally together and cuddle forever
in the hearts that dwell on, no lost can be found
so positive the vibe one cannot imagine why

Italia you are a Heavenly home, filled with saints and angels alone

so high in the sky are the thoughts of your charge
so free of attachment so real the detachment

in the day I can see grandmas peddling for free
while their spouse sit and enjoy as life passes by
society is out of the house, out to shine as the sun shines
mingling with glee, the people are free

no anger no hatred just fun and contentment
what a boon to have such a perfect life, filled with pizza and pasta

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