Keeping calm when faced with bad situations

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Q:  I am a spiritual practitioner and since wherever we go to a new place there are people and they talk and have different motives and character. What do you suggest should be done to remain indifferent in these situations and not get affected by the surrounding. What is the key to remain happy?

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A: Dear Blossom, the nature of our world is more negative than positive, only because of the mind. Originally we were given the mind as a tool which created separation and this enabled us to experience the divine. However, the tool has become the master for most people. When we master the mind using practices such as meditation or chanting then we will have inner peace. Sure, we have emotions but behind that is a state of knowing which cannot be disturbed. To get there, think of a lotus seed growing out from the mud. Use the mud, but stay pure and clean above it. Daily practice helps to get that peace you seek, the indifference. Happiness may come and go, but the bliss from ‘being’ with your true self never leaves…that bliss helps keep the mind at bay because you’ve discovered it’s not real.


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