Family obstructions on the spiritual path


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Family obstructions on the spiritual path

Q:  My wife doesn’t share my spiritual discipline, and she eats meat and drinks wine, and I do not. I accept that she does these things, but am not happy that she always tries to stop me going to my meditation group, makes trouble for me when I meditate at home (noisy etc) and always tries to get me to drink wine. I find this hard to bear, and it affects my meditation. What should I do. Should I leave her?

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A: Dear Jeff, Spirituality is about growing our love, not breaking up our family. For some methods, a master may tell a disciple to protect their practice above all else. We are not sure if this applies to you, perhaps you can check. But generally speaking, its best to take the middle road. Perhaps you still have karma with your wife. She is there to enhance your longing and make you stronger in your faith. If you leave her, who knows what other obstruction awaits you. We suggest you stay, but make some sort of arrangement with her that suits both. For example, she can have friends over or go visit family while you do your meditation group. Meditate or not, we all need space to do our own thing. Try to be more loving, romance her and then persuade her. Being forceful or angry will have the opposite effect.


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